Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CLEARLY, Keech OBVIOUSLY has pretty good news, or WHATNOT.

Keech.  My homie.  My roommate.

When I moved in to Heritage Halls freshman year, I loved all of my roommates so much.

...except for one of them.

There was one that I just never knew what to say to.  She was never there and I specifically remember avoiding rooms that she was in for fear of awkward silences.  Things were weird and all I knew was that she was short.

[caption id="attachment_593" align="aligncenter" width="453" caption="(best photo ever? I vote yes.)"][/caption]

But after about three months, I finally decided that maybe this chick wasn't all that bad.  Maybe she was actually kind of cool.  I still remember the night that she was sitting on Rachel's bed in our room and I thought to myself for the first time, "Hey, I'm having a really good conversation with this girl.  In fact, I think I might really like her.  Maybe we're friends?"

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That little girl (and by little, I mean little--"I feel like I weigh a hundred pounds!") is kind of incredible.  In the almost three years that we've lived together, I've seen her go through a lot of rough stuff.  But she hung in there.

It's sort of weird when you live with people for this long.  They start to become a different family for you, and my little Midge is most definitely part of my non-family family, if that makes any sense.

[caption id="attachment_586" align="aligncenter" width="604" caption="(this was the day Kelli did drugs and joined a gang)"][/caption]


It's kind of the best thing ever when you see them happier than ever before, and let me tell you, the Midge is definitely happier than ever before.

Why is that?

Well folks, it's because our very own Keech the Midge is ENGAGED.

To be married.

To Landon.


Who's not such a bad guy himself.

("Hallo.  Zis is your captain speaking!")

Anyway, they got engaged last weekend and it was seriously such the exciting thing when they told us because it was a complete surprise.  For my other roommates that have gotten engaged, we usually knew it was coming.  But this time we had no idea, so there was a LOT of screaming.  A LOT.

I'm super excited for them and their big day.

More than anything, I'm excited to sing at their wedding (free dance moves included!)

Ha, but really.  I can't wait.

I'm grateful for how far she's come from those rough freshman/sophomore days and for the fact that she stuck it out even when it was harder than anything.  I'm so grateful for the fact that she kept going, even when I know she didn't want to.  I'm grateful for the fact that she'll stay up late and talk with me even when we're both exhausted.  I love how well we get along and the fact that she puts up with me.  I love how she'll be stupid with me (sometimes I wonder if she's trying??) I love how kind she is and how willing she is to help others.  She's pretty awesome.  In case you weren't already aware, I lucked out big time in the roommate department.

And of course, I'm especially grateful that Keech found Landon because he's fantastic.

For reals.

I love you, Keech.

More than you know.

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