Friday, March 11, 2011


It has occurred to me that I really shouldn't be writing on my blog when I have four midterms to take, a big project to do, a paper to write, and over a hundred pages of textbooks to read.

But let's be honest, all I want to do is blog.

Another problem is that I have banned myself from facebook until these midterminations are done.  Facebook is where I usually get my pictures from when I am blogging on campus, and we all know a blog post is no good without any pictures, so really, any posts that I would do would be pretty lame.

So what I'm trying to say is that this is a pointless post to let you know that I will, for the most part, be out of the office until next Thursday.  Please feel free to leave a message after the beep.



Jessica said...

hey stacy! just thought i'd holla back. thank you for letting me use your ID for hw. i've used it a lot and it has helped so much. i hope all your work turns out nicely and that you can come play on friday. talk to you later! bye.

Mykel LeCheminant said...

Hey stacy,
It's Mykel. Just call'n to see how you were doing and if my ice sculpture has melted yet. Anyways, give me a call when you're back in the office.