Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Duper Important Decisions

So, maybe you already know that sometimes I just always really want to live in Boston.

Today I decided that if you want, I'd be quite alright with living in DC.

And if those decisions weren't important enough to warrant a blog post, I'll let you know  something else:  feel free to buy me a polaroid camera.  and red leather boots.



Mom said...

And you complain about the chilly weather in Provo...???

Jessica said...

I will give you my polaroid camera. I wanted it for our wedding (my brother ended up taking pictures and making them look like old polaroids) but the film is expensive and hard to find. i bought some film and it wasn't the right kind (though i ordered the right kind) and it was expired. sorry to rain on your parade. but really, you can have mine.

Jessica said...

$20 for 8 photos

Anne said...

thats funny. i basically want to go to grad school in boston. we could be twinners in boston together! also i have red leather boots. ive never worn them because they scare me and i always chicken out. you can have them haha too bad i have clown feet!

Stacy said...

Man, why do you guys have everything I want? Rude.

Skankey, why must it be so expensive?
Fatty, why must you be so huge in every way?

Double double rude rude.

Jessica said...

i think you should always check with us first with this kind of stuff.