Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"I might be offering to buy you lunch."

How could that sentence not win over the best friend?  Well, I'm here to tell you that it worked.

I'm not at all surprised.

After a few confusing text messages in which I told her two different times to meet me for lunch and a reference to her being my baby boo, we met up in the atrium of the library (side note: my phone does not recognize the word "atrium", so I told her to meet me in the main area of the library.)  Seeing as she is often confused with Sherlock Holmes, she figured out when and where I wanted her to meet me, and we proceeded to lunch.

I introduced little Spanky to the wonders of the baked potato with chili on top of it (which I learned from Leslie) and how awesome the Grab and Go is.

The whole deal reminded me of our younger years when we used to have lunch with E-40 and his roommate.  Fortunately, Spanky hasn't forgotten that I use two water cups ("Oh man, I thought you only had one, and I was like, what the?") and because I'm her American Idol she did the same ("I'm just going to do everything you do").

Then came the struggle of finding somewhere to sit.  There are never enough tables and way too many people who don't have friends which mean they take up an entire table to themselves (at this point, I will not admit how many times I've done that myself...).  Please note that Spanky was holding both of our trays as I was holding my ice water ("Iiice water!") and she was really hoping a table would open up soon ("These trays are getting really heavy, really fast.") Finally, we saw one girl who started wrapping up her sandwich as if she was going to leave.

Quick!  Hover!  Hover, hover, hover!

We created the appropriate amount of awkwardness for the girl sitting there by hovering right behind her and making sure no one else attempted to claim that territory.  She sort of saw us and even though I tried to be sly and look the other way, Spanks just went right ahead and set her stuff on the table ("She said she was's okay.").


Purrrr. (That's me making that awkward little cat sound that implies tenderness).  Lunch was all sorts of nice. It was nice to just talk about anything, regardless of how unimportant it was to my eternal progression.

"No, but really.  I'm out of food.  I ate saltines for breakfast."

I miss my little Spanky.  I like eating lunch with her.  In fact, I like pretty much all activities that include her and me.  Activities including--but not limited to--things like watching people break chairs at movie theaters and filming videos in which my skin color is questioned.

S&R time: it's the best.  always has been.  always will be.


Mom said...

Tender:)! Extremely cute pix of you two!

Leslie said...

Shout out! Whut whut!

Rachel said...

Woohoo! I love blog posts about me. :) In fact, this blog post has inspired me to actually make a blog. I'm excited!