Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's Just Call it the Gigantic Hole in the Ground.

Last weekend was delightful.  I tried to get on top of my homework so that I could have a totally free Saturday.  I did pretty well, and it actually turned out that the stuff I left for Monday morning was postponed! Yee!

So, I slept in on Saturday (most delightful thing ever!) and then had a lazy morning where I took all the time in the world to get ready for the world.  It was the day of the BYU v. U of U basketball game and we were stoked.

Me, Keech, and Racha (which, by the way, I feel like I should give a little tutoring on how you say that--I know it looks like "Ray-cha", but it's actually "Rah-cha") got all ready and then spent some time frosting Keisha's Valentine cookies.  Keisha and Racha are talented frosters and were making the hearts have cute little designs and such.  I, on the other hand, have better talents, like saving small children from tigers and falling pianos, so my frosting skills are limited at best.

After attempting to make cute designs and failing, I remembered those conversation hearts and decided to make conversation cookies!  With help from Keish and Racha, we came up with some fantastic phrases, including "fax me"--my personal favorite.

After we frosted all of the beautiful cookies, we headed out for the game.  The day before, the BYU sports people sent out this cute little email that said, "Just so you guys know, we've never rejected anyone from a game (except for that one Wake Forest game a couple of years ago), so y'all should come on down!  You'll get in!"

I really wish they hadn't sent that out.  Because of it, EVERYONE and their second cousin twice removed came.  Seriously, everyone.  So we were rejected.  Not cool.  At all.

So, we went back to Keisha's boo's place and watched the game there.  It was just fine--plus, we didn't have to stand the whole time, which is always a bonus.  And even better, Jimmer and the boys beat the Utes!  As a BYU fan, there's nothing more you can really ask for (except lunch with Cecil, of course...)

After the game, a bunch of us decided to go to this gigantic hole in the ground.  It's basically a giant hole that you throw containers of gas down and they blow up.  It's pretty wild.  Sometimes, I wonder why we find it so amusing, but we find it incredibly amusing.  Balls of fire--what could be more fascinating?

Look at that hole!  Look at what we had to sit on!

So fun, though.  I never get tired of it.  I may or may not have been there three times now.  The cool thing is that the hole is so deep; you watch the container or fire fall for SUCH a long time!  I'm still not entirely convinced that we ever see it reach the bottom.

So, while these fine gentlemen do all the set up and drop the flaming things down the hole (let's be honest, I should never be allowed to help...I just can't see that being a good idea...Oops!  Did I just light your face on fire?  My bad!) we took a few shots of ourselves.

Can I be a little self-centered and just discuss how I love my beanie? (thanks, annie!)

The one pic on the bottom right is actually from right before we frosted cookies, but the rest are from The Giant Hole!

Good friends, good times.  I like it.

P.S.  Lookin' for a good time?  Give me a call! Go blow things up at the Giant Hole!


Anne said...

woooo rockin the beanie!

Mom said...

Always glad I hear about these things AFTER. Sounds fun...but slightly dangerous! Naturally, I am not surprised:0)!