Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend with Pops

So, I'm a little behind.  But, better late than never, eh?

So, last weekend my dad came into town to surprise the Jelly Bean! (aka Jalyn).  Jelly is known for figuring out surprises before they happen, so we did everything we could to make sure she had no idea, and for once, it worked!  I had her roommate, Emily, be my insider (I renamed her in my phone as Ross V.--I have absolutely no idea why I chose that name).  I came in and jumped on her in her bed at 9 in the morning.  It was fantastic.  Then I told her that she needed to come outside because "me and Rach were up until two in the morning working on this awesome thing she just HAD to see, but she should probably get all her gear on because there were boys out there, too."  So then we walked out of her apartment and in the lobby was dad!  She was so shocked she didn't even know what to say when he held out two green apples and asked her if she liked green or red apples better.

We went out to breakfast at Kneader's (I've never been there...deLIGHTful french toast, I must say).  It was all you can eat, but the pieces are so huge, I would be surprised if anyone went back for seconds.  Then we went to the football game.  I had been so focused on making sure there was a ticket for dad, that we were halfway to the game when I realized that I had forgotten my ticket.  They don't call me a genius for no reason, that's all I'm sayin'.  The game was brilliant because BYU won!  We're doing much better after our disastrous beginning of the season.

Then we went and hung out at Jelly's apt. until we went out to dinner.  Cafe Rio.  Um, SENSATIONAL things were happening to my taste buds.  I haven't been there in two years, and I'm not sure that I can go another two days without going there again.  I could totally down that entire salad right there, no joke.  Jalyn had been there recently and had gotten the pork salad, so this time she decided to get the pork burrito.  While we were eating, this is the conversation that went down.

Stacy: This salad is fantastic!
Jalyn:  Yeah, I liked it, too.  But I just thought there was too much lettuce so I kept having to pick it out.  Oh, wait.  What?  You're mixing it up?  That is SO smart.  Why didn't I think of that?  Wait, what are you putting on it?
Stacy: The aMAZing dressing.
Jalyn:  Wow, I didn't even think to put that on.  That is so smart.  Wow.  So smart...

Oh, Jelly Bean.  Good times.  Oh yeah, side note.  When I was ordering my salad, the guy kept asking me questions.  All of a sudden, he started asking me questions in spanish. I was like, "Uh-oh.  I should have paid better attention in first-year spanish in high school.  I didn't really how much I would need it when, for example, I am trying to order the most delicious thing of my life.  Dang."  Don't worry folks, he figured it out pretty fast, but it was still pretty hilarious for those few seconds where I was just clueless.

That evening we went bowling!  It was so fun, and we just barely beat the Saturday Night Date rush.  We played two rounds, dad won the first round, but I WON THE SECOND ROUND!  What's up.  It was fantastic.

The next morning we wanted to drive the Alpine Loop, but it was instead, we just drove to Park City and back.  Did you know there is a tree in Park City that is full of shoes?  It is so weird.  Me and Jelly were mesmerized.  It was fun to just hang out and chat with Dad and Jalyn.

Then dad came to my ward and then to break the fast which seriously featured the MOST delicious turkey I have ever tasted and I'm not even kidding.  I'm telling you, last week was such the culinary delight.  Anyway, after that Dad had to leave, but apparently he thinks I'm really popular or something.  I mean, yeah, I am, but probably not as popular as he thinks I am.  I just know people.  

Thanks for coming to play, dad!

P.S.  I would post the pic we took of all three of us, but I haven't put it on facebook yet and I'm at school.  My bad.

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Matt & Mykel said...

A. I believe Matt has had at least seconds, maybe 3rds on the French Toast - I guess it's starting to catch up to him - did you see that pic he sent out?
B. Wow Jalyn, I hadn't realized how brilliant you are.
C. Congratulations on your BIG bowling win!
D. Love BYU football! Love Park City! Love when your dad comes to visit! It was fun when we got to help him surprise you Many Many Many years ago :)
Love you Stacy!
And I also LOVE that you are blogging again :)