Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Funday

I think yesterday was one of the best Sundays of the year.

It started out a little rough.  I had a most awful hair day.  Awful, folks.  Like bad news, bear.  Like wear a blindfold, you won't regret it kind of awful.  So, that was depressing.  Plus, I could NOT pick out an outfit for the life of me.

But then I went to church.  Church is always perfect, but no surprise there.  I think I love the one Sunday School class that isn't Old Testament.  I mean, yeah, okay, the OT is cool and stuff, but let's be real.  Sometimes the other classes are just nice.  So, I've been going to that one a lot lately.  There are always fun people in there, too.  Anyway, this part of the pointless record of my day is even more pointless than the rest of it.

Anyway, after church.  We came home.  Rach made dinner, a most delicious cobb salad.  Salads are quite pleasant. Then I worked on my RS Activity stuff for a while. Then came wedding announcement time.  We (and by we I mean mostly Rachel and lover, but still) stuffed and labeled and stamped hundreds of envelopes.  Some of you single ladies out there may think I'm exaggerating, but all you married fold are not even a little bit shocked at the use the phrase "hundreds of envelopes".  It was the real deal, kids.  It was also all over the living room.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, and by the middle I mean the beginning, I made cookie dough. Such the delightful cookie dough that I wish I had right now.  Also, I went Visiting Teaching.  Um, best companion ever.  Cutest girl ever.  She taught me all the parts of the body that I don't actually need: my gall bladder, one of my kidneys, my spleen, some vein in my leg, and more!  It was so funny.

Then there was ward prayer.  I love that my ward has ward prayer.  It's an additional time to hang out with all the cool cats in the ward.  I don't know, I just like it.  Then I wrote some love notes or something.

After that, I got to watch the awkward pounce on girl Ken by the boys.  Ha, always so funny.  I tried to get away, but she grabbed my arm.  Apparently she just can't do it alone.  Ha.

Then, I went and did more RS stuff...visited a bunch of people and got ready for an activity.  Then I came back and worked on more invitations.  Woot. 

So now you're thinking:  I can't believe I just wasted my time reading this.  But you're like, there must be some purpose to her writing this...some climax, some moral of the story, something to make me feel better about the time I just wasted. 

Sorry.  Can't help you there.

I just had a nice Sunday. I know you think it was sort of lame, and that's okay because I think you're sort of lame, so it works.


Matt & Mykel said...

Glad you had a great Sunday! Must say though, I disagree about the spleen! It may not be a vital organ...and you can live without it...but it really does a lot of great things (blood reserve - very much like a food storage, provides a burial ground for red blood cells - all deserve to rest in peace, holds onto the iron, makes antibodies for crying out loud, and plays a staring role in the immune system...Maybe nix a useless appendix or some wisdom teeth...But, I like my spleen, and if your spleen ruptures you can pretty much plan on bleeding out :0 There...Mykel's Medical Moment of the day...It's the only nursing action I get these days - please bare with me!

Stacy said...

Haha, well then...I think I'll hang on to my spleen, then!

Rachel said...

Stacy, I am glad that this pic appears twice in your blog. You must really like it. Or you just really like me. Probably the latter.