Monday, October 25, 2010

Then We Grew Up...

...and it was weird.  But it's perfect.  The whole life's hard and sometimes I hate it, but mostly I love it.  It's ridiculous to look back at all we've been through, and it's hard to look forward and see what we're going to go through.  But I know the right things are happening, and while most everything will change, some things just can't change.  They just can't.  I refuse.  In part, that's because I don't know how to let us change. But mostly, mostly it's because I love you.

 Admit it, every day when you say your prayers, you give thanks for the fact that I apparently prayed about changing apartment buildings so that we could be together.  It's alright, I completely understand.  Let's face it, we were made for each other...

The leaves: "You be the ____, and I'll be the ____!"


Matt & Mykel said...

Tender. Change is hard, and life is really good at changing. It doesn't wait till we're ready. It just happens, but somehow we adapt, and move on...a little different than before - smarter, filled with more memories, happier, more happens. Relationships we hold dear are kind of unique...even though circumstances change...the relationship remains. It may be a little different, but it's always there, and so are our memories...timeless. You girls are timeless.
Love You Stacy,

Rachel said...

I've got to say, these posts about me are my fav. :)

But seriously, it won't. I refuse also.

Remember when you reserved your spot in Penrose 81 the summer of 2008, and then you immediately sent this huge long OCD paragraph to all of us so that you could get to know us? Remember how I thought you were a freak? . . . Well, I still think that. :)

Love you, Smelly.