Saturday, October 23, 2010

That Funny

I saw a flier for the "Prospective Missionary Fireside".  It reminded me of the following:

Freshman Year.  I was going to the library, but a bunch of my roommates and friends were going to the fireside.  It was wintertime, and the cold days had arrived.  Rain/snow was icing over all the sidewalks.  Like any other day, me and Rach were being loud and obnoxious.  I have no idea what were talking about when it happened.  We were crossing the street (we were such good kids--we waited for the crosswalk man to light up telling us it was okay to go).  Rachel was just minding her own business (and probably someone else's as well) when she stepped on the ice.  Being the ever-so-intelligent person that she is, she had chosen to wear her boots (wit da fur!) that have exactly zero traction.  I'm tellin' you folks, I've got the smartest roommate out there.  She proceeded to slip and slide around for the longest time as she attempted to find her balance again.  It was hilarious.  How hilarious?, you might ask.  So hilarious that I stopped right there in the middle of the street and laughed...and laughed, and laughed, and laughed...and then laughed some more.  I finally made it across the street, but I could not stop laughing to save my life.  One of our friends, Lane, was like, "Okay, it wasn't that funny."  I turned to him and told him dead seriously, "Um, Sir.  YES. It was.  Did you not just see Rachel Manning the harpoon ice skate out there for like half an hour?  Hint: she was not actually ice skating.  She was flailing.  And Sir, it was definitely that funny."

That is my life, guys. 

It is that funny.

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