Monday, October 11, 2010

Rude Dudes and Cool Dudes

I just got really annoyed at my MFG TA, who was such a rude dude.  I just read 40, count 'em, FORTY pages of a textbook and THIRTY pages of a supplemental reading.  The textbook was soooooo boring.  It had to be the most boring chapters I've read to date.  Just page after page of Roman Emperors.  Because the supplemental is just dumb writings by people I don't have time for (that was rude, I'm sorry) I just skimmed over it.  Then I went to take my 10 question quiz.  FIVE of the questions were from the supplemental reading.  RUDE.  Please tell me why I wasted hours of my life on that dang textbook.  HATE. 

Then I checked my email.  And then I remember that everything is alright because my little brothers exist.  That fact alone makes everything just fine.

Here it is, the email from Tom:

Today after school I came into the house and thought that mom had gone to the dumps. It smelled terrible! Then I eventually got used to the smell and forgot about it. Then this night I went to the kid's bathroom sink to brush my teeth. If you think Luanne's apartment smelled bad or just old people's homes in general smell, you haven't experienced anything. It was like going to the magical land of used diapers. Anyways I asked Jacob if he had let loose or something and he told me no and that it was me that smelled bad as usual. Then Jacob went into the toilet room/thing of the bathroom and nearly died by loss of nose senses. Then I saw Jake's facial expression change as he realized the cause of this home warming smell.
    "I just remembered. Last night at 10:00 I had TERRIBLE diarrhea."
     No wonder it smelled but the smell was a little too strong for that.
     Then Jake said, "I forgot to flush"
     And now we know why toilets flush. As pleasant as Jacob's aged diarrhea was, I don't think that we will be making that mistake again. Mom then made us clean the toilet that had a what looked to be a chocolate doughnut in the bowl after  we flushed away Jacob's masterpiece.

P.S. Dad got new glasses and prescriptions and is once again being amazed at what the world actually looks like. 


gerbdesign said...

one word: profound

Anne said...

the ps is probably my favorite part, not gonna lie.