Thursday, October 14, 2010

Egocentric Much?

"Pretty is something you're born with.  But beautiful, that's an equal opportunity adjective."

While you're probably not entirely surprised that I'm about to make a list of things about myself I like, I would just like to remind you that I am doing this because of the Women's Challenge on campus (free shirt if I do it!).  So here we go:

Things I like about myself that have nothing to do with appearance:
1. I'm pretty good at listening and engaging in good conversation.
2. I'm generally optimistic and have a positive attitude.
3. On occasion, I might amuse people.
4. I know the weirdest things about people, a.k.a. I am SUCH the people watcher.
5. I do well in school.
6. I can play the piano well.
7. My laugh and ability to laugh at even the most ridiculous things.
8. My blogging/typing skills--is that embarrassing?  Probably...
9. My faith.
10. My ability to be outgoing and mildly to moderately ridiculous.

Things things I like about my appearance:
1. My eyelashes
2. My smile
3. My hair--straight/curly and brown!
4. My freckles--as few and faded as they may be becoming.
5. My nice skin.
6. My feet.
7. My neck mole--gross, I know.  But I like it, regardless of how many jokes are made about it.
8. My eye color.
9. My dang small mouth and hands.
10. My face.

That was hard.  While I think the things about my appearance were just slightly easier to figure out, I still got stuck on both lists.  Let's be real, my face?  That's probably cheating, since it's a combination of like five of the other ones.  Oh, well.  I don't know.  I don't really think that because it was hard for me means that I don't like me, I'm a huge fan.  I guess the point for me is probably that it would have been much easier for me to come up with things that I don't like about myself.

I suppose this is a lesson in loving yourself.  You're worth it.

No, but really.

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