Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fat. Fat. Fat.

I love me some Annie.

Seventh grade.  She was in two of my classes.  Then she had to get her schedule switched around or something because that had to put her into an english class for english as a second language kids...yes, she was that bad.  Only joking.  Anyway, then we had four classes together.  I remember she was in my pre-algebra class and one time she corrected my homework and she was wearing this shirt that had a girl sitting at a cafe or something.  I think I thought it was cute.  I was also embarrassed by how many questions I had missed on that homework exam.  One day I walked up to her and I was like, "Hey.  Did you know we have four classes together?"  Talk about a good line to start a friendship.  I'm telling you.  Just tell someone that you stalk them and you're bound to become best buds.  Well it worked for me at least.

Seventh grade was a good year for us.  Since we seriously had almost every class together, so we spent a lot of time together.  Eventually we became really good friends and fat little Annie became my sassafras and best friend from then on.

Do you remember...

"Um, hun.  The answer is right here."
Calling you for help on homework and getting to talk to baby Jay.
Playing DDR at your birthday party...YES.
Mr. Izen's class--"Power to the People!  Rationalize the denominator!"
You calling me every Monday without fail in ninth grade for help with science homework.  No but really, you did.  About 5% of the conversation would be about science.
Remember when you and me decorated Kak's car?  "Hey look!  Someone has a balloon on their car!  I'm so jealous!"--Kak.
Remember when you and Kak decorated my car?  I had that awesome 'Vacation Bible School' banner on the back of the truck and my mom took it off and even had the gall to throw it away without telling me.  Talk about one of the saddest days of my life.
Badminton.  "Do you want me to exercise you to the next millenium?!??!!!!"
         The Game.
         Nick 'n' Nate.
         Doing "drills".
         Sitting on the wall...always.
         Finding money in the locker room and then buying a giant loaf of french bread and devouring the whole practice.
        "Pop goes my heart!"
        Going to Ihop that one time after NCS and making friends out of our food and having Leann or something as our waitress.
        Seriously, best times of my life.
Kak quotes:  "Can I get a 12-foot sandwich?" "Look at that kid's fauxmock!"  "She came into work with an overhang." "Are the yankees from the east coast?" "Is that antarctica or the north pole?" "I dont know if they have ferorities at davis...wait what are they called?" "Look! Anne Frank expanded her collection!" "Yo Yo Mom's coming!"
Driving in my car with its awesome speaker system that often required kicking.
Your secret love for hyphy music.
My "abrasive" sounds--I love that word.
The day the bird pooped on you and you drew on yourself in Spanish were conveniently wearing Khakis's.
We went to Target and you had ripped your pants in the rear so you had to awkwardly walk around with your hands behind your back.  Talk about hilarious.
That one night when you came over and we had a modeling shoot like that one girl.  We looked so good.
That same night when you did the wheeze laugh and you could NOT do it without laughing.
The leukemia photograph.
When I sent you that awesome birthday present freshman year...glowsticks, bookmark with awesome picture, t-shirt and all.
Taking those picture out on my swing where you were the devil and kak was so joyous.
"Yeah, I have to go to Europe."--my infamous quote, likely worded incorrectly, and most definitely taken the wrong way.
Mr. Holland's class-"Gee. I'm a tree!"  "I've never seen someone get 105% in my class..."  "What kind of kushuns do we do in this class?  Only the fun ones!"
The sassafras corner in Laffy Taffy's class.
Me fighting with Elena on a daily basis and you just sitting there NOT defending me.
When you got a 16% on a algebra quiz in 8th grade and you cried a little.  I felt bad.
When Mr. Izen made Alyssa be the teacher for a little while and he sat in her chair and acted like a 5-yr-old.
Throwing goldfish and nuts into you-know-who's pants freshman year.
Fat Boy Slim.
Kak's cabin.
Attempting to do our Calculus homework at my house aka taking pictures.
Both of us working through our hatred for the curly hair.
Our wall-to-wall.  I swear, that is going to go down in history as one of the most hilarious things known to man.  They should probably archive it.

Love you.


Mom said...

#1--Always wondered...if you call Anne "fatty", what does she call you??

#2--Are you sure it wasn't "exorcise"--although I think he was that confused about life and the world around him that he may actually have really meant exercise.

Cute post...I assume it must be Anne's birthday to merit such blog space--happy birthday Anne!!

Stacy said...

oops. Haha, I did mean exorcise. But yes, he probably would say something like that (he told us once that he could get drunk off of milk chocolate, so his statements were questionable from the get go)

And no, it's not her birthday...I just like her.

Anne said...


also my birthday is in less than a month, so feel free to write some more lovely words dedicated to yours truly.

and Renee, i call stacy a gorgeous goddess because i am the nicest person around and she is just always rude and calls me fat. i rise above her pathetic insults which are clearly just a mask for poor self esteem.

***CRITICAL CORRECTION: i received 17% on said math quiz. only an idiot would score 16% psh what do you think i'm dumb or something??

love ya girl! :)