Friday, September 3, 2010

The Girls in 12

That's me.  That is most definitely me.  I am a girl in 12.  I love love love.  The girls in 12.  I seriously missed them all to the max this summer.  We haven't even been back for a week yet and it's as if we were never apart.

Girl Ken (we have a boy Ken in our midst these days, thus the clarification) is already picking at everyone's food.
Keech is still trying to figure out how to reach that lightswitch.
"Body Language" and "Solo" may or may not be played daily.
Rachel is still picking at her scalp.
Racha has already made crepes.
Ken has complained about how "It's going to be so weird not having a maid".  Someone was a little spoiled this summer.
Everyone feels white compared to girl Ken.
Late night chats happen every night.
Ideas are being thrown around for big events coming soon to an Earth near you...aka next summer! ("We could use sheets for like, you know, little swaggers or something.")
Rach's and my room is already messier than both of the others...and we didn't even move!
The living room is a delight to behold!
At least three things of ice cream have been consumed (we've officially been together for 6 days...even I'm a little embarassed).
The thimble game has been played.
We have a new roommate, Catie--good luck getting used to us!
Our apartment is regularly filled with people.
Kitchen dancing has been seen and heard by the entire complex, not to mention a member of the bishopric.
The idea of skinny dipping has been mentioned.
Ken still leaves her eyes open during the prayer (and during skinny dipping???)
Roommate dinners are back in session! (Say no to uncooked lasagna, but yes to BYOTN--Bring your own toast night).
Clearly, I am obviously having the best time of my life or whatnot (shout-out to the Midge!).  I love love love having my Mad 8 girls with me as we begin our year as The Girls in 12.



Keisha Hendricks said...

girl!! i love this!! and may it just continue to be great :)

Charles Beacham said...

I coined the term GIRLS IN 12.. just sayin...

Matt & Mykel said...

SO fun Stacy! I'm so glad you all managed to find your way home to apt. 12 where you all belong. It sounds like you're having a ball. The pic is darling. Do skinny dip my dear...I think you'll find it's how you were born to swim (just make sure it's dark :) Love you!