Friday, April 9, 2010

When A Good Thing Happens to a Good Person, That's a Good Thing.

Um, first I would like to file a complaint.  So sometimes (meaning basically every time) when I look at my blog, I check how many views my blog has.  So last time I embarrassing...anyway, there were 123 views.  i was pretty stoked.  I don't know who is viewing this blog, but it excited me.  But, when I checked today, there were 0!!!  That is not a good thing.  I was getting so popular.  Oh well.  I know I am popular.  I KNOW IT.

Anyway, I wanted to make a list of the happy things that are happening in my life as of late.


1. My family comes home from Europe today, which means I'll actually get to talk to them soon!  Woo!
2. I finished my physical science portfolio.  One class done.
3. I have some reading for my living prophets class and then I have no more homework...except some math homework that isn't due for two weeks.  It's so crazy. It's already the end of the semester.  Yikes!
4. My flip-flops are having their first official outing of the year.  That is definitely a good sign.
5. I got 100% on my last math test.  That's right, folks.  100%.  Yee!
6. Summer is just around the corner...I'm really sad that a lot of my friends will be going home and that I won't be living in the same complex anymore, though :(
7. Today is pay day! Money in the bizzank.
8. I ate some yummy soup today.
9. The weekend is here!
10. We're taking roommate pictures on Sunday!
11. I live an awesome life, no doubt about it.

"Life. Is. Good!"--Lobster/Dad.


Rachel said...

haha nice new pic. anyway, i am commenting on this post because it's only appropriate for me to tell you my thoughts about blogs on your blog, and i don't know where else to put it. i mean, how embarrassing would it be if i left this on your facebook wall? exactly.
anyway, yeah we should have little blogging parties. we can try to figure out how to make it so you can have a slideshow of pics or "what not" (shout out to keish). ha

Daniel Robbins said...

I'd like to file a complaint too. If your blog has 0 views, then I guess that means I am not a person, at least to Blogger. Or maybe it means I am a vampire? I sure hope not. Especially if it is the Meyer brand of vampire, I'd go for more of a Murnau rendition, or Stoker...
Anyway, the bottom line is:
Stacy you are cool.

Stacy said...

Daniel Robbins: My number one fan. You win all the prizes and complimentary bags of pretzels.