Friday, December 11, 2009

"My Packaging is All Messed Up."--Ricky

Last night was the reuniting of Penrose 81. For those of you who don't know what that means and those of you who are stalking me and simply trying to learn more details about me, Penrose 81 is my apartment from last year. All the roommates were there except Kelli, which was fine by us. Ha, that's a lie. I love Kelli and she was just being responsible and taking care of her hectic life. Anyway, we went to SubZero (Ricky chose, don't ask me why) It was so fun to be with my girls again. I miss them. A lot. I miss our late late late night chats on a regular basis. I miss how wild and crazy and irresponsible we were. I miss how dumb we were. Okay, so maybe we're still dumb, but we were all dumb together and I loved it. Don't get me wrong, I love my current roommates to pieces (how do you love people to pieces???) but it was just find to be freshmen again for a night.

We talked about life, we talked about boys, and we talked about completely inconsequential matters that had absolutely zero relevance to each other. It was fabulous. We then we back to Ricky's boo's (boyfriend's) apartment and played Mario Kart! That is probably one of our most important freshman year memories--playing Mario Kart. The game and the jokes that went along with it never got old. Unfortunately my skill level has not improved, and I continue to boost people's self-esteem with the fact that I never win. Ah well, there are more important things in life, like solving world hunger, which I am way more concerned with :)

I love people. I love having friends. I love you, my Mad8 girls. And right now, I really love you, my 81 girls.


Anonymous said...

"you can't make someone love you, but you can stalk them 'til they give in." -wise man

Rachel said...

so basically you are obsessively in-love with me right now because i fit into all of those categories.

Stacy said...

"I love people. I love having friends. I love you, my Mad8 girls. And right now, I really love you, my 81 girls."

While I will agree that you are a Mad8 girl and an 81 girl, and I might agree that you're a friend, I would not go so far as to say you're a person.


Keisha Lake said...

and clearly she loves me the absolute most.

Rachel said...

yeah right!!!
also, i really REALLY like the title to this blog. it took me a while to remember, but then after hearing those words, certain senses came back to me and i remembered. it was kind of the opposite of an eidetic experience.