Thursday, September 3, 2015

#BYU50 Box

So, as you may know, Levi and I both graduated from BYU. We love BYU. Sooooo, when I found out that BYU was doing this BYU50 box, it piqued my interested because I love free stuff and BYU, so duh.

So the BYU50 box. What is it, you ask? Well, BYU is really unique in that they have a good sized fan base in every state in the country. You will always see a fan section for BYU at away games because there are fans everywhere. It's definitely one of my favorite things. Anyway, because they have such a fan base they decided to do this thing where in the 50 days leading up to the first football game they drop a box full of BYU gear and prizes at a random location in each state (1 state per day). They then post a picture of the box on twitter and instagram and using the clues in the picture, you can guess where the box is and then race to find it. The thing is people know the box is going to be dropped in their state so they start guessing likely locations where the box will be dropped and started lurking in those areas. Sometimes BYU will give a clue like "It's going to be in the San Francisco area!" so you're not totally and completely winging it.

Anyway, I wanted the box. Not so much for the stuff inside the box, but just for the fun of it. I mean, seriously, BYU fans racing for a box at a random spot? I'm totes in. I was ready to battle it out with other fans (because you would be surprised at how fast the box gets picked up--most of the time, it's within 15-20 minutes and sometimes less than 5! the fans are everywhere!). Anyway, the Oklahoma day was on a Saturday. It was super awesome that it was a Saturday because then we knew we would be free to do a bit of lurking ourselves.

We woke up Saturday morning and I basically checked twitter every 2 minutes (and I don't even use twitter, so that was fun, i.e. embarrassing). We went and played soccer in the morning and then came home and saw a tweet that the box was going to be dropped in the early afternoon. This was nice because it meant we could shower and eat breakfast without being stressed that the box might drop at any minute because we all know I am not above racing for the box with soaking wet and soapy hair haha.

I seriously don't know why I was so excited about it, but we decided we would hang out around the downtown area because we guessed it would be somewhere around there. At first we thought we might hang out at these gardens they have downtown, but then we decided to just drive around town. I mean, they did say they would be dropping in the early afternoon so we wanted to be on the prowl...or something like that. Anyway, as we were driving around we saw a BYU fan lurking around the gardens and by the arena so then we were supes paranoid that maybe there were more!

Anyway, we're driving around when suddenly Levi yells "It dropped! It's at the ballpark!!" So obvi I started j freeeeaking out because I was so excited haha. We were one block north of the park and two blocks west. Soooo close!! I turned to go south (I was the driver and Levi was the "runner") and ended up right behind a bus!! Haha, I wish you could have been there. I was yelling and screaming and bouncing up and down willllling that bus to move faster!! I turned east toward the park and tried to zoom over but we hit a red light!! I was losing it, it was so hilarious. I just wanted to winnnn!! Finally we get close the corner where the box was placed only to see that someone had already claimed it!! Wah wah. Haha, but we still jumped out of the car to see if we could get a consolation prize or something which we totally did. We got 3rd place, but we still got an XL t-shirt that you can see me sporting in the photo above.

All in all, it was so super fun. Levi can attest that I weirdly loved it because I literally talked about how fun it was all day. And I just kept going on and on about how much I love BYU. It was just so much fun to be racing against a bunch of other BYU fans! And I think at the heart of it, I just love celebrating how awesome BYU is. Going to BYU was my dream all growing up and then I finally got to go there and I had theeee best time of my life. There are honestly very few things I love more than BYU and that is zero percent a joke. I received the best education, had the best memories, made some of the greatest friends, and of course, met my husband there. :)

Anyway, this is me sending all the heart-eyed emojis to BYU from all the way out in Oklahoma.

P.S. TWO DAYS until game day!!!
P.P.S. Here's a video that BYU recently posted and I love it. Also I miss BYU, so just a couple teary-eyed emoji's are appropriate here as well.

The BYU Student Experience - with Stacey Harkey
An education "to become different, better people." This brand new video gives a comprehensive look at what it means to be a student at BYU.
Posted by BYU (Brigham Young University) on Saturday, August 29, 2015


Mom said...

So glad to see my daughter is BYU true blue too!! I loved BYU :-).

"Rise and shout"...(and get out of the way when) Stacy cougar "is on the trail to fame and glory"...or a BYU box, haha!! Good job :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha, I love this! Man, have they done SC yet? To be honest though, I def don't think I am as stealthy as you. I don't think I have a chance of getting that box. And I can't even watch that video because I prob would seriously cry. Best. Time. Ever. Miss BYU.

And good job! I can't believe you guys got third place. No but seriously I can't. Only third? Ha. When you were describing trying to get to the box quick enough, I felt like I was there and getting nervous with you. And my heart was racing. And I was starting to feel panicky. And I could totally hear your squealing/screeching and see you bouncing around. Am I going crazy?

Don't answer that.