Friday, November 7, 2014

conversations with levi, part three.

Because there's never a dull moment around here...

Levi, looking at himself sideways in the mirror, stretching his shorts way out in front of him: "I lost fifty billion pounds."

(Please excuse the childishness of this one) Levi, at the drive through pharmacy: "What if I could fart in that box and send it back to the guy?" Please take a moment to imagine him hanging out of car trying to do that. Please also imagine another car pulling up behind us and watching.

(Please excuse the continued gassy jokes) After an extremely gassy night for our friend Levi, I go to cuddle up with him and I say: "Are you going to fart any more?"
Levi then whispers in my ear: "No, but when I do...I KILLED MUFASA."

Levi, after discussing the art of writing cover letters: "If I had to write a cover letter it would say, "Give me an interview and I'll blow your pants off."

Levi: "So I'm watching this sushi documentary and they're saying they've been in the business for two hundred years or something. I don't know, they're throwing out numbers like they think I'm NOT fact checking them. It's like they think I have better things to be doing than checking their facts as I watch their documentary.

Levi: "So you know that phrase, 'Always a bridesmaid, never a bride'? You don't even know what it's like to be always a man, never a bridesmaid."

Levi: President Monson has a Twitter now, so now you really can "follow the prophet."

Me: Pushing people on Sunday is bad.
Levi: That's not true. I was born on Sunday, so obviously pushing is good.

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Courtney said...

Ummm hi. You should blog more. Cause it's funny and gives me something to read when i'm bored at work!! Okay, thank you for your time.