Wednesday, August 27, 2014

yum yum candy bars.

1. I remember when I was growing up my mom would buy candy bars from the grocery store which would then be stored in the freezer and then those would be our treat on Friday night when my parents would go out on a date. I also remember that sometimes my dad would go in there during the week and sneak half of a candy bar. Now, I don't care that he was taking some of our precious Friday night candy, what I care about is the fact that he would only take HALF of a candy bar. Half of a Snickers, half of an Almond Joy, half of whatever. And what I want to know is how do people do that?!?? If I'm going to have a candy bar, I'm going to have the WHOLE DANG CANDY BAR. Do not attempt to stop me because I want all of it. I think I'm saying this mostly just to justify the Hershey's bar I'm eating right now. ALL of the Hershey's bar that I'm eating right now.

2. Also I remember that the Friday night candy was very important to us and I remember that it was very important that we never ate it on any other day of the week, nor would we eat more than one candy bar on Friday night, however tempting it might have been. And for that, I give myself a high five for self-control because if there was a large bag of frozen candy bars in my freezer right now you could guarantee that there would not be a bag of frozen candy bars in my freezer right now. Because I would have eaten them all already.

3. For the record, I ate 3/4 of the Hershey's bar. Small victories.

4. Also, I really like Rolo's. I gave Levi a bag of Rolo's for his birthday and I know for a fact that I ate at least 95% of them. In other news, my mom used to get Rolo's for the Friday night candy bag. I love Rolo's. But it was always such a debate as to whether or not I should choose Rolo's for my Friday night treat because Rolo's are one of the few candy bars that are NOT better frozen. In fact, they are zero good. So if I was to pick the Rolo's, I would have to wait for them to warm up, which would usually mean they would have to spend half an hour smashed between two couch cushions or under my armpit or something (still in the wrapper, mind you) and 8-year-old Stacy did not have that kind of patience! (And in case you were wondering, she still doesn't). So usually I went with the Kit Kat.

5. I just wrote a post about candy bars.

6. Now I want the last 1/4 of that Hershey's bar.

7. I also want some Rolo's.

8. Or a Kit Kat.

9. Also a nap.

10. Okay bye.

Also, I was trying to find an appropriate picture for this post when I saw the picture I posted above. I could not figure out why on earth I had that random picture but then I realized it's a picture of Levi attempting to cool himself off in the freezer at his parents' house. Which is funny. And surprising, it kind of sort of fits with the theme of this post.

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