Monday, August 4, 2014

gettin' our birthday on, changing my name to meta world stace, etc.

To start things off, this is us right after we picked up our new tv. Not a joke, Levi was doing excited little screams for a solid 30 seconds because he was so excited. I love this picture though. Picking up the tv was our last errand after a long day of errands. It's good to spend my Saturdays with this guy.

Speaking of pictures, I've been organizing our pictures today in preparation for potentially hanging them up. The thing is, we only have pictures from our wedding. And I can't tell if that's a bad thing. Like, is it bad to hang up like 6 pictures of just us in our living room? I mean, I can't exactly figure out what other kinds of pictures we should hang because we've been married for not even three months so I mean, the only major event that we've had together was our wedding. I would post pictures of our kids, but we don't have any of those, so that won't work. Anyway, I obviously want to get other things to hang along with the pictures, but I haven't gotten that far yet. So what I'm trying to say is that if you come over, don't judge the bajillion pictures of us all over the place. After all, I think we look pretty cute. Anyway, that's all I had to say on that matter.

Also, this picture is meant for my family and of course, Katie Cutler. There's this story about my childhood (that my mom told to Katie once) that includes me being like 2 or 3 years old and having a terrible fit. Apparently, we were out running errands and in an attempt to cheer me up when we arrived at Costco, my mom pointed up to the Costco sign which looked very much like the one above. She said, "Look, Stacy! Costco has no C!" to which I responded in the most tearful and dramatic fashion that could be mustered, "Costco has no C!! Cooooooostco has no Ceeeeeeeeee!!!!" I mean, imagine full on drama. I still don't understand why I wasn't cast into a movie right then and there. Anyway, it's a funny little family story, and when my family was in town, we went to Crest grocery store and would you look at that sign?! So a picture was required, obvi.

Also when my family was here, we went to a minor league baseball game--the OKC Redhawks! As you can tell from the picture, the stadium was packed. Jokes. Three home runs came straight to us and even though there were only like four other people even remotely close to us, we somehow were unable to get any of them. But that's okay. What's really important is to know that when the teenager dressed up as Superman went running around the field throwing shirts to the crowd, I get my scream on and yelled and yelled at that guy to throw us a shirt. And even with all the competition surrounding him (i.e. my mom), Levi managed to snatch the awesome Redhawks shirt. Yesssss.

Also while my parents were here we somehow managed not to get any pictures of the whole group, but we did manage to get multiple pictures of Levi with his early birthday gifts from my parents and from me (because while I might look patient, I can't wait to give gifts). So when we celebrated Levi's birthday early, he open his two new shirts!

On his real birthday, I put together this silly little Star Wars gift that I had found on line over a month ago and I am proud to say that I kept it a secret until the day of his birthday and I was feeling pretty awesome about it. Also, Levi is seriously considering a modeling career. Those interested in having him model for them may contact me directly. I expect to receive 75% of any profit.

And finally in birthday news, I made a pie. I successfully made a pie and you should know it was incredibly stressful, but I did it. Not a joke, I was sure I was going to mess it up, but both the pie and I survived and actually it was quite delicious. I now have much more confidence in myself and may attempt making another pie in the future.

Also, good news. I changed my name. No, I did not change the way I look, in case you thought that was me in the picture above. Of course it's not me, I wouldn't be caught in public wearing a shirt like that. Ha, no but really. This was taken while I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, aaaaaaaaaand waited. (That sentence was meant to be read to the tune of "Pioneer Children Sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, aaaaaaaaaand walked.) Although I'll have you know that there was no singing involved. Anyway, my name is now officially Meta World Stace. Such a nice ring to it, don't you think? Okay, fine jokes. My name is actually Stacy Marie Heperi. Woo, get it girl! Thank you.

And in closing, this is a picture of Levi's 5th grade classroom on the day we first saw it. It has since been organized and there are colorful posters and such all over the wall--although, don't worry. It's not too girly. Levi's manhood was at stake though when everyone was offering him all these bulletin board borders covered in owls. I personally thought they were really cute and wanted to use them, but Levi opted for plain red and black ones. I don't get it.

Anyway, today was Levi's first day of school! And as I type he is within minutes of ending the school day and walking out the door. I'm so happy for him and so happy that the school year has started and we can finally settle into a routine! I can't tell you how many teachers have commented to him and to me about how glad they are to have a male teacher at the school (he's the only male in the building besides the P.E. teacher and the Special Ed teacher). Levi is teaching at the poorest school in Oklahoma City. All of the kids qualify for free breakfast, lunch, and weekend snacks as well as free uniforms. Not very many of them have fathers in the picture and 30% of them are homeless, which breaks my heart. So I'm really proud of Levi for what he's doing and I look forward to this school year as I'm sure we will see many sad things but I'm sure we will also see a lot of great things and a lot of blessings come as a result of this experience. Yay for fifth grade!


Unknown said...

The bulletin board covers will be perfect for that class. Gang colors: red and black. Nice choice!

Mom said...

Funny about no group picture. At all the places and with all the relatives we visited, we managed to not get ANY group pictures as well. Sherrie W. says she is coming with me next time to make sure I do better, haha!

Anonymous said...

First, you can always put pictures of me around your apartment. DUH! I look great in any occasion. Or I could finger paint you a picture. Either one. Also, we went to a minor league baseball game last night! Our home team is last in the league. And pie . . . yummmmmm. I expect some in October.

Mykel said...

I for one really liked the ring of Meta World Stace...