Friday, January 10, 2014

Stay Stay Stay Music Video!

For the record, two of three times I wrote "stay" in the title, it came out Stacy. It reminds me of that one time I was at work and was needing to name all these different files "Lecture 1", "Lecture 2", etc. and almost every time they came out "LeCture" or "LeChture" because of my last name. It was rough.

Anyway, as many of you may already be aware, the LeCheminant Family children recently came out with their 5th Annual Music video. Yes, my friends, we've been doing this for five years. And it's pretty awesome and really fun. It's also really fun to see how much we've grown in the years since the first music video (especially Jake! He was so much shorter than us in the first one!). We've improved over the years and I would say that we've gotten better and better every year except there was that third year when something terrible happened and I sometimes wish we could burn that music video from our thoughts because it's just sad.  But you live and learn, am I right?  I'm right.

You might also remember that our video from last year has almost 11,000 views. You're probably thinking, "Wow! They must have some incredible acting! And amazing filming skills!" And you would be 100% right, but I suppose it's only fair for me to mention that we used a Taylor Swift song last year and while that would be enough reason to suggest why we had so many views (I mean, come on! It's Taylor!) I suppose I should also mention that the real Taylor Swift came out with a music video to the same song as us just a few weeks after we posted ours. In the days leading up to when she was scheduled to release her music video and in the days after, the views of our video skyrocketed and we were feeling pretty awesome.

This year we had kind of a hard time picking a song. It just seemed like nothing particularly catchy came out this last year that would be good for us to dance to. So, we resorted to what all music video makers go to and that would be Taylor Swift, because duh. No explanation needed. So yes, we used another song from her album that came out about a year ago, but we're just hoping she releases a music video for it in about two weeks. After that, you'll be able to see just how popular we really are.

And if you're looking for just a little bit more fun (I mean, who isn't?), then feel free to check out these videos from years past. Also, please don't watch the one from the third year. It's just sad.

Year One: Me and My Gang
Year Two: Ain't No Particular Way
Year Three: I'm a Believer
Year Four: 22

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