Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the issue of the cereal boxes.

I have a problem. I can't finish my cereal. Now I don't mean that I can't finish a bowl of cereal.  Trust me, I'm all over that.  I can't finish a box of cereal.  I go grocery shopping about once a week.  In a week, I can usually eat allllllmost and entire box of cereal.  Is that bad?  Is that a lot?  I have like two bowls of cereal every morning.  That seems normal to me.  ID even K.  So when I go to the grocery store, I'm like, 'Oh, I'm going to finish that box of cereal that I already have so I better buy another box.'  That way, when I finish the box I already have, I'll have another box of cereal and I won't have to resort to eating saltines for breakfast (don't even get me started on that one...).

It seems to be a fairly flawless plan, wouldn't you agree?  Except there's a problem.  When I go to the grocery store I get so super jazzed about the new cereal that I'm getting that I just don't want to wait until I finish the old, allllllmost empty box of cereal that I already have.

And so it sits.  The old box of cereal sits there on the shelf because I always choose to rip open the new box of cereal the next morning and eat it instead of the older stuff.  Man, I'm a child!  I can't even wait an extra day or two before starting the new box!  I have no patience.  New cereal is too exciting!

And so that is where my problem lies. In unfinished cereal boxes. Too many of them.  Below is my cupboard in my apartment, i.e. this is where all my food is stored.  And yes, that it five boxes of cereal.  Also, there's an unfinished bag of Corn Chex stuffed in there because the box wouldn't fit once I had bought like 3 other boxes of cereal.  Also, yes.  That would be two boxes of Wheat Chex (Western Family brand!  I mean, why not?!).  It's just because I was really close to finishing one box of Wheat Chex and then I went to the store and bought another one but then I must have had more exciting things to eat for breakfast that week (toast! yogurt! muffins! nothing!--that's code for 'I was always running late for work and never had time for breakfast'). And thennnnn, I went to the store and got another box of cereal.  Oops.

That's five boxes and one bag of unfinished cereal! (and no, I'm not counting the Cheez-its.  Although those need to be eaten as well.).  Also, another observation: I have three different kinds of Chex in there. Hmm, interesting.

Also, one more thing.  I was so super jazzed when I saw that Lucky Charms were semi on sale so I bought them!  I hadn't had them in years and years! Turns out they are like a super sugar overload that I was apparently able to power through as a child.  HOLY SUGAR.  Also, the sound of biting the marshmallows still gives me goosebumps just like it did when I was a kid.  No, but seriously.  Straight up goosebumps e'ery morning.  Can't handle it.

If there was ever a first world problem, this is it.


Ed Eschler said...

I once had a box of Wheaties that had less than half a bowl of cereal left in it that I kept for 2 years (I mean, you can't just throw it away: that's wasteful!).

I feel your pain.

Brooke said...

HAHA this would totally be me if I didn't also have a husband who is actually a vaccuum and will eat literally everything that I don't. This is really a good thing... now you have so many options!