Tuesday, May 28, 2013

trailblazing, baby. also, a little bit about apparating.

^^starting this post of right with "the stink face".^^
 ^^the best part about this picture is the fact that it looks like Tom has his hand on Matthew's back instead of Mykel.  So tender and so one million hilarious.^^
^^Meet my brother, hipster Danny.  He wears his hats sideways and there's nothing you can do about it.^^

 Mom: "Put your hands up like you're making a Y!" ...typical Thomas.

So what's crazy is the fact that I graduated over a month ago.  Cray to the cray cray, let me tell you what.  Also, it's nearing the very end of May and it's raining.  I know people say it all the time, but sometimes Utah doesn't make any sense.  Like remember a couple years ago when it snowed in June?  Or that same year when it was raining semi-regularly in June?  Or what about back in January of this year when we had that freezing rain?  Talk about ridiculous, am I right?  I was just glad I got to work before that freezing rain started or we all know I would have just given up and flown to work, risking my wizarding license since I'm not allowed to let muggles see me use magic.  Okay, no. That's a lie, but seriously.  If I could have one magical power, it would be flying. Actually, maybe apparating.  I think that apparating would be less likely to mess up my hair.  Except flying seems so much cooler.  So maybe could there be a type of flying that puts a protective bubble around your head to keep your hair from messing up?  Oh, I guess that would be a helmet.  Except helmets give you hat hair, and we can't have that.  Where is this even going?

Okay, what I was saying was that over a month ago I graduated from college.  Which is still weird to think--I am a college graduate.  Oy.  When my family was in town, we all decided to hike the Y, which is the giant "Y" that is painted(?) on the mountain just a few minutes away from campus.  It's like a 45 minute hike that everyone is supposed to do while they are a student here.  Except then there's me, who apparently missed out on that opportunity every time it presented itself to me in the past five years because upon graduating, I still had not hiked the Y.  But I just want to say that I do not remember people inviting me to hike the Y very often...in fact, I don't remember being invited to hike the Y...ever.  That might not be true, but seriously.  I really think I would have taken the chance to do so because I didn't want to be the lame-o who never hiked the Y when they graduated.  Does this mean I don't have friends?  Or does this mean that I was intentionally never invited?  Do I talk to much?  Am I too loud?  Do I complain too much?  Did my incredible physique and lightning fast running skills intimidate people, making them think that I would be like way one million faster than them?  Did my stories of traversing the jungles of South America and trailblazing through unmapped areas of Africa make them think that a simple hike up a mountain would be beneath me?  These are all questions that have left me confused and concerned about my standing among my peers here in Provo.

But, no matter. There's always my family. And besides, I'd rather go with them anyway, you lame faces!  And so we did.  We hiked that Y.  And actually, it's steep.  I know people had told me that, but I was like, oh whatever, nbd. I've got this.  And really, it was fine, but definitely steeper than I thought it was.  Which really shouldn't have surprised me because I look at that mountain every single day and there is nothing about it that make me think that it isn't steep.  Whatever.  So we hiked it and it was great and we made it to the top and looked out over the valley and it was really pretty.  It was cool to see all of Provo, the place that has been my home for the past five years.  And holy cow, five years.  I can't believe it has been that long because seriously, time flies.  I feel like I say that all the time, but dang it, people!  It's the truth. So much has happened here; there has been so many fun time, so many hard times, so many trials, so much happiness, tears, proud moments, and days when I didn't think I could go on another day.  But then there I was, at the top of a mountain, and I just felt grateful.  So grateful that I had the opportunity to even be here for the last five years.  Through much of my studies here at BYU, I've learned a lot about how blessed I am and how fortunate I am compared to others who will likely never have the chance to go to school at all, let alone college.  And so I am grateful.  Grateful to graduate from college, and also grateful to have been able to make it up that dang mountain.  I don't regret even one minute of these last five years and I hope I never forget them.

And now, a really dumb video of me dancing on the Y and also my mom being worried that I would fall and most importantly, a random baby crying a spectacular cry.

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Mom said...

Yay...Stacy blogged!!! Dad and I thought that you would be blogging every day now...but I guess being out of school gives you less material to blog about:). Glad you didn't fall down the mountain...just sayin'!