Saturday, May 11, 2013

soc lab for lyfe!

(fellow seniors that worked for Dr. Call)

Yesterday was my last day as a research assistant for my main man Dr. Call.  Yesterday we had a birthday party for him slash a going away party for Alice and me.  I have loved working in that lab.  There have been so many long hours and crazy stories and awkward telephone interviews with survey respondents in that room.  I've been teased for hours, told a million jokes, had a pet brick, had a million different kinds of parties (including the "C" party where all food had to start with a C!), had Derek's skin flakes all over me (gag!), played that weird guess the disnesy song game, listed to far too many hours of Celine Dion, got a million paper cuts from those surveys, and have made some of the best friends.

I've spent hours and hours and hooooours in Dr. Call's office talking about the huge codebooks for all his surveys (I know you don't know what that is, but let me just tell you that it's a huuuuge project), I've also spent hours in there talking about a research project I did, and I've spent hours listening to his hilariously dry humor and his amazing jokes told with a straight face.

I know that this sounds terribly self-centered and also cheesy, but I lived for the days when I would say something or make a joke and I would see that smile on his face. I was especially proud because I was the one who had put it there.  The way his eyes would light up killed me.  He's grandpa-aged and has a nice belly and a slow walk and I just love it all.  I loved how happy he'd get when we would joke during codebook meetings and I love even more when he would get so happy after we laughed at his jokes because he was terribly proud of himself for making us laugh.

I know he thinks I'm crazy but I hope and think he kind of loves it.  Like the time I chased him down after his class downstairs because I wanted him to let me go into his office to get the leftover treats from a seminar.  As in, I took the elevator down to the basement of the JFSB, walked out into the hall, saw him coming and then suddenly realized that I looked like a fool.  But then he saw me and there was no turning back and I just held out the empty treat plate that had been in the lab and I was like, "Um, I came down to find you because I heard you had treats and I wanted them and I have to go to class soon and I've been waiting outside your office and I was afraid you had gone to another class and  well, I just wanted some treats because we're out in the lab."  And he simply chuckled and smiled that adorable Dr. Call smile and said, "I can help you with that."  And I felt a little embarrassed that I had just hunted a professor down but that guy is my pal and it was alright.  I mean, he chuckled most of the elevator ride back up to his office but I loved it.

And then there was the time that he emailed me and asked me to come to his office the next day and I had no idea why and was actually a little nervous because the way he emails sometimes, sheesh!  So that email just said, "Come see me..." and that was it!  I mean, stressful!  And with the dot dot dot bidness!  The man knows how to give a girl a heart attack because I had absolutely no idea what that meant, but I went to his office the next day anyway.  When I got there he relieved my fears by telling me that there had been some mix-up about the hours I had been working that had since been resolved.  And then he said, "I suppose I could have emailed you and told you that it had been fixed, but hey, this gave you a reason to stop by and that's always fun for me!"  Straight up melted me heart right there. That guy.

Oh, and one other thing.  Us graduating seniors gave him a going away gift, which was a survey about us because, you know, all we do is survey research, so it was kind of perfect.  And when he was reading it he got all kinds of teary-eyed and most people couldn't see it, but I did and I loved it.  He's just the best.

I'm terrible at change, you guys.  Truly awful. And not being able to work with Dr. Call anymore makes me super sad and I miss him already.  So right now it just hurts a little bit because working for that guy has been such a blessing and such a great experience and seriously so fun.  But I guess sometimes pages have to be turned and chapters of our lives have to end.  And while it's literally the worst thing for me right now, I'm just grateful for the experience.

When I was leaving yesterday, Dr. Call asked me to walk with him to his office so he could say goodbye.  We talked and the last thing he did was give a great big sigh and then he said, "Well, good luck with whatever your future holds.  We're going to miss your smile...and your laugh, that's for sure."  At this point I couldn't say anything because I'm pathetic and was getting teary-eyed.  He just smiled his smile while I smiled at him and managed to get out a little "thank you". 

And then we both turned and went our separate ways.  

But I'm never going to forget those last words because dang it, I love that guy.


Kelsey P said...

I'm about to cry. Not a joke. I, too, love that guy. And you.

Brooke said...

I love this, and I TOTALLY get it. Also.. I'm obsessed with your blog. You are hilarious. Plus, we have Kelsey Page as a common friend which is obviously a really good thing :)