Friday, April 5, 2013

just my luck.

So this week has been neat.  I'm sure you all know about how one of our toilets started leaking 6 weeks ago and flooded under all the flooring and ruined it and that was a bummer. And then our fridge just all of a sudden stopped working.  It was kind of the saddest thing.

But!  Things have been improving around here!  First we got a new fridge.  And then this week. Oh, this week! For starters, we got new tile in our bathroom!  And it's beautiful!  Seriously, I love it!  And the fact that I love it makes me feel a little weird because I mean, what am I? A homeowner?  And so I like those kinds of things?  It's pretty weird. I mean, I just posted a picture of my bathroom floor on my blog, for crying out loud.

But for reals, I love our new tile.  Aaaaand, not only did we get new tile, but we also got new toilets!  And if you ever used our old toilet, then you know that that thing stuh-ruggled. And so the whole new tile/toilet combination almost makes me feel like I live in a brand new apartment!  I mean, we're living the dream around here!  New fridge and new tile and new toilets all within a few weeks!  We're so spoiled!

So it would only make sense that I would come home to find that our washing machine had stopped working.

Dang it. I swear we're cursed around here.

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Shannon Mashinchi said...

New washing machine! Yay! (Waaaayyyy better than current washing machine!)