Wednesday, March 20, 2013

stacy's mom.

 Today is my mom's birthday.

You only get one mom, and I got a pretty good one.  I guess every day I realize more and more how good my parents are.  Especially because they had to put up with me.  You might not guess it, but I was a world class drama queen as a young child.  This girl could whine and cry and pout like nobody's business.  But what I'm saying is that my mom always put up with that and any mom that is able to do that deserves an award-preferably one that includes a lot of fireworks.  I can't tell you how many nights she sat with me helping me with my homework as I cried and cried because I just didn't get it and it was the end of the world and I'm going to fail all my classes!

Plus, my parents are just good parents.  When I say that, I mean that they taught us how to be responsible and to work hard and to be kind and to do what is right.  As much as I hated having to have a job and having to do chores and having a curfew, I know it was good for me. I take a lot of it for granted, but lately I've been realizing how good it is and how good I've got it. My mom is the hardest worker and the nicest person and is always looking out for others. She always one of the first people to reach out and serve someone and she does it so selflessly.

Being a mom isn't easy, and being my mom is especially not easy. I wish you all could have a mom like mine.  In fact, what makes me the saddest of pretty much all the things in the world is the fact that some of us don't have good moms.  And to those of you who don't, I salute you.  Because everyone deserves to have good parents. Everyone deserves to be loved and cared for and to be watched over. I got pretty lucky.

And so this one's for you, Mom.  I hope to one day be half as good of a mom as you. Thanks for raising me right and for always loving me and for ensuring that I had the best outcomes in life.

P.S. Sorry I'm not sorry that we're so weird.

 "I'm the one that made this."

P.P.S. Totes not sorry that we're also so cute. You and dad made some gems, that's for real.

P.P.S. This picture is just one million amazing.


Anonymous said...

You Chemmies are the best!

Shannon Mashinchi said...

Love your pictures! I was one of those, not so lucky, but it has made me a better mom, i hope! What a great tribute to your mom!

Jacob said...

Thanks...of course it helps to have such GREAT kids, and a wonderful dad of those kids:)! Thanks for your sweet words and all the cute pictures--such memories! "Self, G'day" from "down under". Love you Stacy Stink:)!

Mom said...

Hmmm, apparently we are having issues with Google...that last comment was really me, mom...not Jake. Could you tell?