Thursday, March 7, 2013

meeting justin bieber. not really, but it's kind of like that.

This is Zeb. And this is the day he kicked me in the chest. Jokes.

Okay, so we all know that I work in the Chemistry Dept, right?  I mean, I feel like I keep mentioning that but then sometimes I think new people are reading my blog which is probably just something I made up, but it makes me feel better about myself, so I'm probably going to tell you like 20 more times that I work in the Chemistry Dept. Just roll with it, aight?

So I work there and sometimes I have to walk through the halls of the building and I walk by classrooms and students and professors all the time.  We have three lecture halls in the building and lately we've had an issue with have the powerpoint clicker/laser pointer things going missing.  So the other day I was going around to the other lecture halls to see if they had extras in them.  Since we only use our lecture halls for chemistry classes on MWF, they are used for religion classes and biology and sports medicine and a bunch of other stuff on TTH.

So when I was going around looking for the clicker it was either a Tuesday or Thursday and I walked into a religion class.  Can I just mention that it amuses me that we have religion classes in a room that is all set up to have experiments and such.  Like, for example, the religion professor could totes wash his hands and light a bunsen burner if he wanted to, I mean nbd.  Anyway, this particular professor was actually my professor for three semesters when I was a freshman and a sophomore (so long ago!).  I took his classes with a bunch of my friends those years and we LOVED him. I mean, the guy was awesome.  But they were huge freshman classes and so he never knew any of us by name, but oh how I loved him!  I thought he was just the greatest, and the funniest and really quite inspirational.  He would always have someone pray before the class began and me and my friend Zeb (see picture above) always hoped that whoever was praying would bless the snacks that we were going to eat in that class even though there was a sign that said "No food or drink allowed", but oddly enough, they never did. Weird.  And in case you were judging us for eating in class, I j want to say that we were very mess-free eaters and plus the snacks helped me stay awake because we all know the sleep monsters can catch you no matter how riveting the professor is.

ANYWAY.  I walked in the other day and was talking to the professor about the clicker incident before his class started and he actually had two clickers and so I took it to the other class. And then the clicker went missing again so I did another search and unfortunately he didn't have it in his class, but we chatted for a bit.  And then another time he came down to the office because he had a question.  And then another time he came down because he needed to ask a favor.  And when he came in that time, he said, "Ah!  The official-looking girl!  Can you help me?!"  And of course I could and loved doing it because well, it was him and I think he's great.  I think my favorite thing was this morning when I had been running an errand and on my way back I happened to be walking into the building at the same time as him.  I smiled at him, not sure if he recognized me, and he said in response, "Good morning, official-looking Chemistry Department representative!"  I loved it.

ADDITIONALLY.  I also have a Women's Studies class (everyone should take it! it's really cool! it's not about bra-burning! seriously!).  Our class is held in one room, but when we watch parts of documentaries and such we go into the next room over.  And would you look at that!  That same fabulous professor has a class in that room right before my class.  And since I'm usually one of the first ones there, sometimes we chat.  At first he didn't realize that I was the girl from the Chemistry Dept and we would just normal style chat.  But then today, he was like, "Now I'm confused. You're the girl from the Chemistry Dept, aren't you?  I seem to see you everywhere!"  And then we chatted about Women's Studies and he told me I should go to this Women's Studies event tomorrow and I just liked it even more because you know what?  It's pretty cool when professors know you and they aren't even your teacher and don't actually have any real connection to you.  I mean, I just like it.  Plus, I've idolized the guy for the past 4.5 years. You know how there are some tweens (and teens and adults, actually) who dream about meeting Justin Bieber?  Yeah, this is pretty comparable to that, except I get to keep seeing the guy and he calls me "the official-looking girl".

Don't worry, we'll be on first name basis soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

I must admit, I'm a little jealous. I only had him for one semester, but I could definitely sense the awesomeness, but don't think that you are now awesome. Don't want it to go to your head or anything. (P.S. I was tempted to leave this as anonymous so that you thought some random person was bashing you, but then I decided against it. One good deed a day.)