Sunday, March 24, 2013

cookies in her coat.

So the other day I was j chillin' on the couch doing some homework when Danielle texted me saying, "Do you want to go to the Imagine Dragons concert on Friday?"  And obviously I was like, "UM, YES" because Imagine Dragons was kind of my obsession last summer/fall.  Apparently a girl had posted on facebook that she was selling her tickets (because she had to work super early the next day--which is super a bummer) and so we snatched them up.

So on Friday (after the whole refrigerator adventure) we headed up to Salt Lake.  When we got to The Complex--the hip place where the concert was being held--the first opening band was playing, and they were laaaaaaame.  I don't know, it's just that when the lead singer says she has a "song for the ladies" and she's being completely serious, I have a hard time trusting taking her serious.  I mean, of all people I'm all about women's rights and stuff, but ID even K.  She was just weird.

After that group was done (finally!), Danielle and I were already getting tired of just standing there.  It was a general admission concert and everyone just had to stand up.  The more dedicated fans were willing to smash up toward the front, but as much as sweaty bodies and people ramming into me while jumping up and down is my thing, I decided to just hang out in the back where it was significantly less crowded.  Seriously, I know that makes me your grandmother, but seriously. I didn't want my ears blown away and I didn't want gross people touching me and I just wanted room to breathe. Call me crazy, but that's just the way I am.  Plus!  Since we were way in the back, we could just sit up against the back wall while the second opening band was performing.  That band was significantly better and I probably wouldn't mind listening to them, but they still weren't worth me standing up to watch them. Man, I am such a snob.

Anyway, fiiiiiiinally at close to 9:30 pm, Imagine Dragons finally got up there and started performing.  They were pretty incredible and it definitely ranks up in the top three concerts I've ever been to. Granted, I've only ever been to three concerts and the other two were Backstreet Boys and The Beach Boys, but still. They were for serious really good. Totes worth the drive and the money and the fact that Danielle looked pregnant with some cookies she had stuffed in her jacket to save for after the concert.

Also, even though in the following picture we look like we are participating in questionable activities, I just want to clarify and say that we are not.  We just look super cray cray because it was pretty dark in that room and the flash on the camera was super one BILLION bright. Also, as you can see it turned out extremely clear with zero blurriness, so I'd saying that burning my eyes out with that flash was definitely worth it.

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