Monday, December 17, 2012

yogurt for e'erybody!

I am home for the holidays. The holidays!  Christmas!  My favorite!  And for three weeks!  But can I tell you something?  Because our break is three weeks it means that I got home before my little brothers (and my mom!) were done with school for the semester.  As in, they have finals tomorrow.  And as much as I want to say, "Hey guys, look at me!  I'm DONE with my finals!  I'm free as a bird!  Neener neener!" it turns out things are kind of boring when I'm the ONLY one who doesn't have studying to do since my dad is out of town on business.  So here I am blogging and waiting for someone to feed me bon bons.

In other news, the holidays also mean it's the time where I go see every doctor and dentist in the history of Santa Rosa and get all my check-ups done (thanks, parents!).  I just want to declare that I, Stacy LeCheminant, survived the dentist free of any cavities.  Thank you very, very, one million much.  But...I do have gum surgery on Wednesday to repair my poor little gum.  So I'm looking forward to eating a lot of mashed and pureed foods for the next week.  Yogurt and jello, let's do this.

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