Tuesday, November 27, 2012

birthday girl. that's me.

My birthday is exactly four weeks before Christmas.
I’m scared really easily. Reeeeeallly easily.
I sleep through most movies.
I have such a weak stomach.
I use too many commas.
I hate not sleeping in my own bed.
I'm a Red Sox fan and could watch baseball all day (even on t.v.)
I am the literal worst at telling stories.
I hit snooze at least three times every morning.
I use abbrevs like they're going out of style.
I recently learned that “economical” is a real word.
I love to people watch.
I hate cats and dogs aren’t my favorite.
My dad calls me “Pink Stink” and my little brother calls me “Level Stick”.
I super one BILLION like to be called Stace.
I’ve never mowed a lawn.
I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life.
I like having my head scratched harder than most people do.
I’m obsessed with my major.
I laugh loudly and probably quite obnoxiously.
I like making up math problems to do in my head when I'm doing boring things ("If I cut 220 assignment sheets into 8 pieces and then try to divide those pieces into 6 equal piles, how many pieces should be in each pile"--nerd alert?)
I had ear surgery twice because I had supes bad hearing.
I try to celebrate my birthday time every day (11:27 am and 11:27 pm!)
I supes one million like mascara.
The stupidest things make me laugh so hard.
I played on the badminton team all four years of high school, so nbd whatever, that's real.
I love Taylor Swift and Sandra Bullock.
I think riding on my razor schooter is so hip.
I don’t like nuts in baked goods.
I don’t sniff dairy products.
I love college and learning!
I’m suuuuuper one MILLION white.
I’m super scared of public speaking, but I loooooooove to talk.
I love cake donuts, always and forever.

I believe there is good in everyone.
I believe we can make this world a better place.
I believe in being optimistic.
I believe in finding happiness in every day.
I believe in being kind.

I am Stacy and today I turn 23 years old.


mrs.thomas said...

Holy moley! I do the same thing where I celebrate my birthday! 11:28

Mom said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)! Happy Birthday...again!!!

{allison shaw} said...

stacy, there is so much going on in that picture i don't know where to start...but to say i love it.

emi said...

haha cute post! you are hilarious!
your blog is great, and we are your new followers!
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