Thursday, November 15, 2012

bay bay!

Last weekend, we had a baby shower for my main girl Rachy Rach.  Girl is seven months pregnant and I can't even believe it.  Anyway, we had said shower here at my house because, let's be real.  I have a pretty big living room.  Rachel's sister planned all the games and decorations and such and I was simply in charge of food.  Which was good because it turns out even that stressed me out.  Okay, not really, but let me just tell you that if I did not have the help of Allison and Danielle that baby shower would have had saltine crackers only.

Anyway, I was actually really excited to put this together and I think it all turned out rather well.  I even got all kinds of cray and made one of those triangle banner things.  And when I say I made that, I mean it was entirely made by Allison.  I just thought of it.  Man, I'm the worst.

Apparently Rachel is really popular because I'd say there were at least 20 people that came.  It was really fun and we played some fun games (all planned by Tracey).  Of course, I did embarrassing things, but what else is new?  Rachel got some ADORABLE gifts including the CUTEST little sweater from H&M.  Srsly, I am doing all my baby shopping there from now on, NOT A JOKE.

Also, my number one favorite thing about baby showers and bridal showers and all other showers (except the normal style one that I take every day--or every other day???) is the fact that I get to see so many of my beautiful, wonderful, fabulous friends/old roommates.  Gosh dang it, I'm obsessed with those girls. We had five of the six Penrose girls and it was just magical.  I'm so glad that these girls are still such good friends to me.  I mean, really.  I lucked out big time in the roommate department.  It's unreal.

And of course, I suppose this is an appropriate time to mention that Rachel is still my number one favorite girl.  I have a lot of besties (that word is just gross looking and gross sounding, but let's just roll with it), but that Rachel.  Girl just kills me.  Also, did you know she's amazing?  Like seriously.  One million amazing.  SUCH a good person, SUCH a hard worker, SUCH a good student (although seniorits can be a doozie, haha), SUCH a hilarious person, SUCH an awesome example to me, and SUCH everything I every could have asked for in a roommate and best friend.  Oh, and she's going to be SUCH a good mom.  Love you, kid.

And now, the part of the show where I show you a few pictures from the blessed event, courtesy of instagram.

This girl. THE best. (P.S. Twin boots!)

Penrose, baby.  Too good.

Oh, and this picture happened.  So strange, yet so one million hilarious to me.

Though we struggled to get the cake out of the pan, with a little frosting love from Danielle and a mini banner by me, I think this three-layered cake turned out alright after all.



Anonymous said...

Your hair looks so cute Stacy :)

Mom said...

What is baby's name?? Am I guessing right that it starts with a "K", because there is a "K" by the cake...or is that to acknowledge Ken, who apparently wasn't in attendance, but should be recognized for his part in all of this???