Thursday, October 4, 2012

super jazzed.

(danielle, me, allisoooooon)

I feel like since Kelsey wrote this post, I should really be better about blogging.

The worst part is, I was just thinking of a really good idea (relatively speaking) for a blog post, but then Danielle was wanting me to help her pick out fabric for some pillows she's going to make, and since i'm basically an interior designer, I was extremely helpful. By the way, have I ever told you about the interior designer that helped my mom buy new furniture for our house?  I just remember her wearing leopard print all the time and I'm pretty sure her name was Ginger.

Anyway, since I can't remember that cool thing I was going to blog about, I think I would like to dedicate this post to my main gurrrrl D to the Anielle (that looks weird).

1. Homegirl is allllllways making me dinner because she is one MILLION awesome.  Last night we had lasagna roll-ups.  You're like, I don't even know what that means and I am here to tell you that lasagna roll-ups means delicious.

2. She is totes always giving me rides to places. That might have something to do with her lifetime chauffeur contract that she has with me in which I require her to have a slicked back ponytail and a tuxedo on every time she chauffeurs me to important events.  I just made all that crap up and I don't even know why...except for the part about giving me rides.  I mean, my razor scooter is super effective and all, but...

3. She's funny.  I copy all her mannerisms because they kill me.  Have you ever seen the thumbs up lean?  The double peace sign "whatever"? The double peace sign cross over?  Totes all came from that girl.

4. Girl makes a meeeeeean batch of cookies.  Seriously, in the past week she has made some of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies and some faaaaabulous snickerdoodles.  I feel like she's trying to make me fat and that would normally make me pretty angry, but then I remember how good the cookies taste and I don't actually mind.

5. Every other Sunday she lets me use her phone to look up how much tithing I need to pay because apparently I have become increasingly irresponsible and can't look that up before I go to church and I still have a dumb phone so I can't do it for myself.  My life is so hard.

6. There are things that scare me.  For example, milk that is more than ten days old, sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese, and a variety of other dairy products.  Danielle is super one million cool because she will open the lids on these things and tell me if they've gone bad because if I were to look at it and it was bad, I would gag like nobody's business.  The truth is, I would gag even if it hadn't gone bad.  I don't sniff dairy products.  She also takes care of other food items that have gone bad in the fridge which is double one million nice because seriously, who likes doing that?  She's so cool.

7. She knows I love donuts.  So she buys me donuts sometimes, including ones that are the size of my head.  I don't know how you could be any cooler.

8. She buys creepy weird chairs from creepy weird D.I. salesmen.  That's probably going to always be one of my favorite stories ever.  Not a joke.  That and the lockout couple story.  Oh my gossssssh.

9. She breaks mirrors by throwing futons at them. Girl is wild.

10. She helping me destroy the english language by using the words totes, litz, perf, fer rill rill, nbd, JSin, ID even K, YD even KM, and like a million other abbrevs.

Sooooo, she's pretty neat. nbd, whatever.


danielle said...

id even k that it took me 54 tries to guess what you were doing, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut my name is Danielle and I approve this message. "lockout couple" totes forgot about that one!!!

Ed Eschler said...

Point 10 caused me physical pain to read. I think I have an embolism.

Kelsey P said...

Edwin loves abreevs. I love number 6 on this list. And I must insist on taking credit for "id even k" because I most defs told you about that one. Also, thanks for the shout-out. You're a real winner.