Saturday, October 20, 2012

nice bee pun, adrian.

first of all, girl has got hops.

second of all, today is the jelly bean's birthday!  And for those of you who don't know who the jelly bean is, well dang it.  It's my sister, Jalyn.  And if you don't know Jalyn, you don't know real happiness because girl is COOL.  She is probably my favorite person to quote movies/shows/youtube videos with, but mostly because she's good at quoting them and I'm good at laughing about them.  Seriously though, she remembers every line from every movie.  It's wild. In fact, I'd say on average, about 50% of our texting conversations begin with a movie quote.  Stay classy.

A few of my favorites:

"Get off the grass!"
"fdjk ewiop fjqipfd qurifjdk reiv!"
(Princess Diaries)

"Can I borrow your stapler?"
"No. You. May. Not...because the guys in the first scene already took it."
(this is actually a remixed version of a quote from The Man Who Knew Too Little)

"Nice bee pun, Adrian."
"Thank you, Blake."
"You're welcome, Adrian."
(Lockout Professionals)

"Let me help you, frail old man."
(Lockout Professionals)

"No. I.D."
"No idea?"
"NO! I.D.!!"
"No idea."

"I'm daaaaaancing in the kitchen!!! With a boooooowwwl full of chicken!"
(What About Bob?)

"They fear my shoshone ways."
(Little House on the Prairie)

Anyway, she's just my favorite and it's always funny when she's around because I always think she is funny and she always thinks I'm funny (right?) and it's just perfect.  I am one million going to miss her when she leave on her mission in less than TWO MONTHS (what the cray cray?) and like I've said before, I already miss her one billion at work because she used to work in the same office as me and man, were those the best times ever. (Note: that was a run-on sentence).  She's the smartest, nicest, hippest, hardworkingest, most exercisingist sister ever and I love her more than I fear her Shoshone ways (Note: I just used a lot of fake words in that sentence).

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Jelly Bean!

Blake Griffin.  Dang it, I love him.  But I love Jalyn more.

P.S. I feel bad that I don't blog about every family member's birthday.  Honestly, you just have to catch me on a day that I really don't want to be doing homework.  Like today, for example.  I'm the worst!

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Kelsey P said...

I one trillion love this. (And yes, I just skipped an order of ten.) I love this for every reason. Nice Bee Pun, Adrian will always be the best, except for you and Jalyn.