Saturday, August 25, 2012

does anyone here have epilepsy?

April 2009

It's weird to think that I started my freshman year of college four whole years ago.  I look at the little freshman running all over campus and I can't believe it's been FOUR years since I was one of them.  Time seriously flies by, it's ridiculous.

Tonight as we were driving home and I was falling asleep in the back, I remember seeing some flashing lights through my closed eyelids.  This reminded me of one of my all-time favorite freshman year moments.

One time, Rach and I were in our Physical Science 100 class.  The professor was going through the slides all super normal style.  Then he clicked to go to the next slide and all the slide said was, "Does anyone here have epilepsy?"

We were both like, what the cray?  It turns out he was about to pull out a strobe light and he didn't want any there to be any people with epilepsy who might be affected by these flashing lights and have seizures or something.  I mean, it all made sense, but it was just the weirdest thing to see a slide that just asked if anyone had epilepsy.

Sooooo, that's kind of one of my favorite jokes now and it might not be entirely appropriate but whenever there is a flashing or flickering light, I always say, "Oh my gosh!  Nobody asked if I have epilepsy! That was soooooo rude." I think it's far more hilarious than anyone else does, but what else is new?

Oh, freshman year.  Sometimes I miss how carefree and irresponsible and wild and crazy we were.  Those were some pretty fun times.  Also, what the heck were we doing 90% of the time?  For example, this picture below. That actually happened.  Kills me.

"Just eatin' her spanish rice. How is it?"
"So good."

See, you don't even think that's funny, but it kills me every time.

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