Thursday, June 7, 2012

"my weekend"

A short story by Stacy LeCheminant, in which I tell the story of a weekend that ended almost four days ago while being sure to include a variety of pictures that were most likely not edited unless they had already been edited when I put them on instagram, so basically I'm lazy.

But also classy.

1-4.  On Friday, I went to the Bees game with Ethan, the boyfriend of Katie (my old roommate who is on a mission in South Korea).  Real conversation with my mother when talking about the weekend:
   Stacy: I went to the Bees game with Ethan.
   Mom: Who is Ethan?
   Stacy: Katie's boyfriend.
   Mom: Oh, come on!  Get your own boyfriend!
Haha, anyway, it was a fab game and Ethan is a hilarious person to watch any sporting even with ("Protect the Hive!"  "Go my favorite sports team, go!").  Plus, it was a really good game and the Bees won in the bottom of the ninth ("Hank the Hound dog brings in the winning run!").  I love baseball.

5 and 6.  On the way home from the game, Cassie (a girl that was with us) informed us that not only was it free doughnut day at Krispy Kreme (that was all she needed to say to win me over), it was also free orange chicken at Panda Express day!  I mean, how neat is that?!  So on the way home, we stopped by Panda Express right as it was closing.  I always feel bad doing that, but I mean, free food!  You can't keep me away even if it may not be the most tactful thing in the world.  Then after that we drove straight on over to Krispy Kreme to get a free doughnut.  Seriously, what an awesome day.

7-10.  On Saturday, my homegirl Rachy Rach and I went to Seven Peaks!  I got to use my suuuuuuper expensive (a grand total of $5.50) Pass of all Passes (or "POAP" as the back of the card says) for the very first time!  Plus, it was such a good day to go because it was supes hot out thurrr.  After a couple hours there, we obviously had to hit up my second home for a sno cone!  Also, I was so in love with the peach/guava/red raspberry combo that I got it again!  Seriously, the whole time we were there, we just keep saying how happy we were.  I swear, you'd think I was five years old with the way I get so excited about those dang sno cones.

Side story:  Saturday night was the night I realized something horrible.  I was sitting in the living room working on a lesson I had to give the next day when I realized that it was supes warm in my apartment.  I went to check the thermostat and saw that it was up to 85 degrees and the air conditioner was totes not blowing cold air.  I watched the thermostat climb to a toasty 89 degrees by the time I went to bed.  So awesome.  So, we've been living in a toasty apartment, going to bed when it's a comfortable temperature of about 87 degrees and mostly I just wish I could sleep on the balcony or somewhere with a breeze.  But fear not, the a/c fix-it guy FINALLY comes tomorrow.  And fortunately, the past two days have been a little cooler, for which I am one MILLION grateful.

11-12.  My little freshman friend Spencer asked me if we could make cookies together after church.  I told him no because a) it was one MILLION degrees in my apartment and b) I had no flour.  But homeboy would not give up.  He told me we could bake the cookies in his apartment and he even located someone that we could get some flour from (don't worry--we repaid him with cookies).  And so it happened that I made cookies with a nineteen-year-old boy as I avoided the heat of my apartment.  And it was nice.  We had a nice little heart to heart and that kid is funny.  We're going to miss him around here this summer.

So there you have it.  My weekend in a nutshell.  A very large nutshell.  My dang short story turned into a novel.  But I'm pretty sure I knew that was going to happen.

P.S. Danielle is back!  After two weeks of being away on a little cruisey dealio, she's back!  Yee!

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Mom said...

I do believe your mother said: "You need to stop dating other people's boyfriends, and get one of your own!" Just saying...