Wednesday, May 16, 2012

so lately...

1. Rachy is the new substitute ward chorister.  She's so talented.
2. Contemplating how we will create sno cone carriers. "They're like baby carriers, except for sno cones."
3. Everyone was using their electronics, but Rachy was just organizing her Mike'n'Ikes.
                                            4. Danielle practices her leaning to impress Dillon.

5. I forgot to take a pic of the sno cone right after I got it, but I can tell you this much: 'twas delicious. Strawberry Kiwi was the flavor choice of the day!
6. Found this pin while cleaning my room.  Totes wore it on my backpack for the better part of two years with no shame because I totes love that girl.
7. Last Jazz game of the season. Not a very happy ending.
8.  Such the delicious shortbread.  My homegirl Danielle made them and I shaped them.  Teamwork at its finest.

9. I totes can't even get my mouth around the bottom end of the cup, but this girl has got straight up talent.
10. Another sno cone!  Apple and mango were the flavors of choice and this guy was consumed at the ward soccer game and shared with more than one member of the team. Is that gross?
11. Bees game with Brenda.  Excellent seats (11th row!) and only mildly drunk and obnoxious people behind us. Go Bees!
12.  "I look like a coked out billy bob teeth."-Danielle.

13. My favorite juice as a mother's day gift from Danielle?  How neat is that?!
14. Our FHE brother showed us a new sno cone shack.  Free cream!
15.  A scooter ride led us to Danielle's favorite tree!
16.  The vending machines on campus don't have bagels anymore.  Totes not cool, especially on the days when I wake up late and don't have time for breakfast.

That's right, folks.  I'm an instagrammer.  And yes, there isn't a single picture of me.  I'm still working on that.


{allison shaw} said...

ACTUALLY you are totes {to use your word} in the second picture. self portrait can we say?

Beka said...

you need to tell me where all these snocone places are! my roommate and i are dying to go!