Wednesday, May 9, 2012

mom comes to visit.

A couple weeks ago, my mom came into town so that she could attend the annual women's conference that is held here at BYU.  Naturally, I wouldn't blog about it until now because that just wouldn't make sense and would be far too on the ball for me.

This was pretty cool because it meant that she got to hang out with Jalyn and me for most of the time that she wasn't in classes...unless of course, she was knitting or something.

Naturally, because she is a mom, she had to come to work and embarrass us (Side note: Jalyn and I actually both work in the Chemistry Dept, but she is the graduate student secretary and I'm a department student secretary.  It's pretty neat, especially in the summer when we actually work at the same time as opposed to the school year when we would casually cross paths once or twice a week).  Anyway, back to the story.  Because my mom is a mom, she had to come in and casually take pictures of us working while professors walked past and teased me incessantly.  Sue seemed to find it particularly amusing, while Dr. W and Dr. M just tried to stay out of the picture.

Four million pictures later, (all taken in various poses suggested by my mother and Sue and many involving my name plate (I have no idea...)) we finally got to return to work. Oh, the paparazzi.

It was pretty fun to have my mom here because, well, she's a pretty neat mom.  We got to eat many delicious meals, play Farkle (which my mom wanted to rename Sparkle because saying Farkle apparently made her feel weird), walk around in a cray cray windy rain storm thing, go shopping for clothes and more importantly, groceries!, and mostly just hang out with each other.

I have a neat mom and I like hanging out with her.

Oh, wait.  Are these the pictures mom took of us at work?  Most definitely.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! For real. I'm glad your mom took those pictures. They're cute.