Sunday, May 27, 2012

as of late.

1. Danielle was packing and I was wondering...did she just pack everything in her closet or had it been a while since she hung up her clothes??

2.  I was telling Rach about how sometimes when people say "Stay seated" I think that they're talking to me. She told me she has the same problem when people say "Racial".  So I told her she needn't worry because we don't "Rachel"ly discriminate around here.

3.  Homegirl is super neat and took me to get groceries last week because if she didn't I was going to have to ride my razor scooter to the grocery store (I mean, she didn't really need to...I could have scootered over and then carried all of those groceries back--5 bags to an arm at least--it would have been super easy style.  Anyway, after we got the groceries and she used her Smith's card on my purchase so she could get her gas points or something, we went to the gas station.  Apparently she's not very good at picking lucky pumps (didn't you know there are luck pumps?) and she ended up picking up the one that wouldn'y let her put in more than 7 cents of gas at a time.  It kept stopping and she would have to try again.  I could  barely convince her to get seven gallons.  "But my forearm is hurting!"  Love that girl.

4. this why the power went out?

5. Me and my homegirls Rach and Keech headed up to Bountiful for Kenn's baby shower last week.  We ended up picking Keech in Draper since she had just come back from St. Louis earlier that afternoon.  The plan was that we would drive up to Draper in Rach's car and then we would take Keech's parents' car the rest of the way.  Why is it that we needed to switch cars, you ask?  Was it a) Rachel's car shouldn't really travel that far all at once, b) she only had enough patience to put in seven gallons of gas, c) one of her headlights was out, d) not only was one of her headlights out, but she had also been pulled over the night before for having a headlight out and she didn't really want to get pulled over again, or e) all of the above.  That would be all of the above (although we prolls could have made it on that much gas, right?).  So we drove to Keisha's while it was still light and didn't need the headlights and then Keish drove the rest of the way.  

Also, favorite thing about Keisha driving?  You see, Keisha is used to driving her and Landon's car, which is a stick.  The car her parents own, on the other hand, is not a stick...and sometimes Keish forgets that and accidentally slams on the brakes.  Seriously the funniest thing.  She only did it twice though and only when she was just starting.  I promise she's a good driver, but it was seriously hilarious.

Another thing about that whole drive (wait, are you bored of this story yet?)  When we got back to Keisha's after the shower, we were talking to her dad and asking him if he could look at Rach's car to see if he could fix the light or something.  I told him that one time Danielle's light had been out so we went to the fix-it place (I'm sure it has a better name than that...) and the guy just twisted the light or some wires or something and the light went back on and she didn't need to replace her light!  How neat is that?!  So I was telling Papa Lake about this and being as vague as possible in describing how it was fixed and then I suggested he should just try that--twisting lights and wires and fixing in like magic!  He nodded and smiled at me, but we all know he was thinking, "Awesome. Who let the crazy lady into my house again?"

But, it turns out he's a pretty neat guy, so he went out and looked at it and twisted things and who would have thought?  The light went back on!  Now, it wasn't a permanent fix, but it lasted long enough to get us home, thank you very much.  I'm not as crazy as you all thought I was after all.

6. Back to Kenn's baby shower (I keep typing 'bridal shower'--I guess we're starting to get past that stage now--yikes!).  Seriously so fun and I love that girl to death.  I'm so excited for her little boy to come in a few months!  It was so fun to catch up with her--I love talking with that girl.  She is seriously sooo funny and sooo sweet and sooo adorable.  Also, I like how because of the angle you can't even tell she's preggo in this pic.  But she's seriously the cutest pregnant lady and I love it.  Oh, and also.  Ricky had her baby last week and I'm just dying to meet little Hali Ray.  Such the adorable small child!

7.  I'd say going to this place is better than getting a sno cone.

8.  I got to hang out with a bunch of my cousins and some of my aunts and uncles and my grandma yesterday and it was so fun.  My family is so cool and it is so fun to hang out with them.  Everyone reminded us of how my family was made up of the pickiest eaters in the world and we made sure to take pictures and post them on instagram so the cousins who weren't there would get super jealous (except then Nic posted a picture of him at the beach and told me he was just fine being away, but we all know he wanted to be there.  Then Robbie (and now I feel like a loser because I don't know if Robbie is spelled like that or with a "y" at the, I'm a lame cousin.)  Anyway, he said he wished he could be there, but he was at a music festival, so I'm not so sure he was that upset...haha) 

Also, my cousin's son is seriously the cutest kid.  Mo was telling us all about how much he loves Michael Jordan and how he was wearing Michael Jordan's North Carolina Jersey because "Don't you know? That's his college."  He told us how much he loves Space Jam and he would run around acting like Michael Jordan in the movie and he kept giving us pep talks like Michael did in the movie and he suggested that we come over to his house after dinner and watch Space Jam while he read us his Michael Jordan book.  "And maybe after that, we can watch 'His Airness'!".  He was even demonstrating how MJ dunks and how a very important part of the dunk is that you have your tongue out. "That's how he always does it."  Mo even told me how he's going to be Michael Jordan for Halloween and "maybe I'll paint my skin black." (Apparently someone at dad's work suggested that...haha)  Like I said, cutest kid.  Can't wait to hang out with him again.

So, this turned out to be a much longer post than I expected but dang it, I'm having a good time around here, aight?  In other news, Seven Peaks opens up this week so I think I'm going to put that Pass of all Passes that cost me $5.50 to good use.  Also, I'm getting a sno cone on Tuesday (and maybe even one tomorrow!) and there's nothing you can do to stop me.  It's been two and a half weeks since Hokulia has had any business from me and I can tell they're hurting because of it.

That's all.

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