Tuesday, April 3, 2012

tuesday letters {to my homies}

Dear Lacey Bra Baugh, my favorite thing is when the Doc and I yell to you from the balcony when you’re walking home from school.  You always pretend you don’t know us, but we know you love it.

Dear Doc, remember when we made moose shirts this weekend?  I love doing things like that with you and I can't wait for softball season!  By the way, do you know who spray painted Randy’s expensive rug?

Dear Spanky Spank, totes stoked to start having (at least) weekly lunches with you soon. I’ll bring my sun hat, you bring the cookies.

Dear Maff, I watched you make that fruit salad last night and was a little bummed you weren’t wearing a hairnet.  I’m reporting you to the appropriate Pen Court authorities.

Dear Katie Cutler, your letters from the mission seriously kill me.  Even though you don’t think so, I know your Korean is coming along excellently and more importantly,  sa rang hae yo!


danielle said...

i think it was the moose.

Baugh said...

First off I feel honored to have that picture up.. I feel like I should have had a speech prepared-Its as if I won America's next top model or something. So a quick thanks to my good friends Dillon, Cameron, and Danielle for making my outfit complete. Couldn't have done it with out you guys. Man I am stunning! So glad that moment was captured.
Second you're right even though I tend to pretend not to hear BRA being screamed from the balcony it is the highlight of my afternoons!