Wednesday, April 11, 2012

last day of college?

Today, April 11, 2012 should be my last day of college classes.  Of course, as I've mentioned approximately 894388970 times in the last month, I'm on the five year plan.  So, this means that unlike all my hip friends who know how to get college done in four years, I am still here for another year.  I'm not actually that upset about it, except I do kind of wish I could join in the graduation festivities with the rest of my friends in the major (I hear they're having donuts!), but it's okay.

Anyway, after Soc 420 (420, say what?!) today, Meghan asked me to take a picture of her, Lindsey, and Ariel with a sign saying "last day of college."  I'll be honest.  I was totes jealous.  I wanted to join in the fun!  So, later that day, I made a sign for Janelle and me to hold and asked Ariel to take a picture of us with it right after we had finished our Soc 405 final.  I look creepy, but I was trying to look sassy.  Which is a little depressing because if that is what my sassy face looks like, I'm suddenly understanding why people don't give me much sympathy when I try and use it to get my way.

So, here's to another year of college with the majority of my freshman roommates and sociology with my main girl Janelle (even though she's taking a semester off to birth her child--so selfish!).  Hopefully Janelle, Aaron, Tyler, and I can convince the new department chair to start some new capstone classes like Soc 485: White Males: How to Exploit Your Advantages and my personal favorite, Soc 473: Sociology of Kittens and Cute Things (Bows, Buttons, and Woodland Creatures).  I feel like people would really like those classes.


Anne said...

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Lena said...

Yay 5 year plan! College is awesome so why would you want to hurry up and finish in only four years? You are totally doing the right thing and enjoying your time in college. I kinda can't believe it has already been 4 years though and that your school year ends in mid April?!?!