Sunday, April 29, 2012

girl, they show you no love!

Remember this? Or this?

Well, guess what?  A few weeks ago, it was time to do it again.  That's right folks, it was time for the third annual run to Sizzler for the 99 cent unlimited dessert bar.  Oh, yeah.

We gathered up as many of the Foxy Foxhood roommates that we could and headed off to Sizzler to partake in the gloriousness that is large amounts of dessert for a very small price.  As we waited in line, we reminisced on the previous times we had done this very same thing and how there was that one time when we seated ourselves (five people in a two person booth--no problem!) and the time we got unlimited toast and water ("Do you guys want some toast? I mean, it's free."  Oh yeah!) or the time we got in there about five minutes before the place closed (I actually felt pretty bad about that one) or the time they gave us free rolls with that cinnamon butter stuff! or the time none of us had any cash except for a few cents and so we had to leave a horrible tip (but don't hate us because we tried not to let anyone serve us or help us because we didn't want to have to tip but they kept trying to give us free stuff, dang it!)

Eventually, we reached the front of the line and Rachel asked who we thought was a kind waiter man if she could get the dessert bar to which he said, "No. You're not allowed to get that unless you buy dinner, too."

At this point, our brains exploded.  I mean, wait a minute.  We've been doing this for years.  We just get the unlimited dessert bar and nothing else.  It has never been a problem before! Why is it all of a sudden such an issue?!  Why can't we just have our dessert, dang it!  We're paying customers and we just want to pay for dessert!  Who do you think you are?!  Because I will tell you what you are!  You are a man that IS NOT NICE!

We panicked. We didn't know what to do.  This was not what we had been expecting.  The impatient manager dude moved on to the next customers in line.  As we glared at that man for ruining the evening, we decided that we would just have to go somewhere else.  To Applebee's?  Yes, we will be going to Applebee's, we said, and loud enough for him to hear, too!  In fact, as we walked away, Rachel put her finger (and nose) up in the air and said in her most snobby voice, "We will be taking our business elsewhere!"  (I was so proud of my little girl right there.)

So off to Applebee's we went.  And you know what?  Applebee's is a fine establishment and no one there judges us because our simple desire for non-nutritious foods and the large portions that we request.  Do you hear that, Sizzler?!  If you won't give us what we want, we'll find somewhere else that will.  We don't need you, that's for sure.

When we were at Applebee's, we captured the following picture.  There was some serious red eye that I couldn't figure out how to fix without giving everyone huge, gray eyes, so i just decided to go with the tender black and white look (sorry I didn't soften the edges or anything).  We asked the manager of the store if he would take the picture for us, and with the way we were sitting at the table, I was awkwardly off to the side and not near the group.  So I was like, "Uh, where do I go?" The other girls were joking and saying that I didn't need to be in the picture and the manager was like, "Girl, they show you no love!"  It was so funny, and it reminded me of how dang Sizzler was also not showing any love that night.

Oh, and by the way, I love these girls.  Even though Sizzler did not please me, that was all forgotten as soon as we were all together again.  Oh my gosh, it's just so fun when I'm with these cool cats.  So ridiculous and so perfect.  Seriously, love these girls.


Landon said...

If you were curious, I did just in fact mark that this post was funny interesting and cool. Obviously the reason for this is the fact that I was in the post and in a round about way was all about me. Thus... funny, interesting, and cool. I am the coolest cat around.

Landon said...

and by Landon, it means keisha....