Friday, April 6, 2012

fortune cookies, yeah.

may your friday night be more exciting than mine.

of course, that shouldn't be too hard considering mine is being spent researching for a regression analysis paper in the chinese section of the asian collections in the library and I don't know of anything more boring than that.

the only thing that has preserved my sanity was the part of the night where janelle sent me a picture of a man holding a cactus while standing next to a burning car.  I don't even know why, but that killed me.  funniest thing of the day, hands down.

although, let's be honest.  attempting to use my webcam without other people walking by and noticing that YES, I'm taking pictures of myself so I can write a blog post about how dumb this night is was also pretty fun.

also, I'm fairly confident that there are more comfortable chairs out there because this one is straight up killing my back.  I can't wait for the day when I don't have to sit in one of these little cubicles because I have no ability to focus when it comes to regression analysis, which is totes understandable, right?  but I must say, I do get a lot more done when the option of people watching is not even available.  people watching is prolls my favorite hobby.  actually, no.  I like scootering more.  and eating cookies.  but it's a close third.

in other news, dr. g and I wore matching-colored shirts today and he was the one that noticed and was pretty excited about it.  the rust color is totes in, my friends. TOTES.

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danielle said...

eating COOKIES is your second? and THAT, my friend, is why you didn't get a sno cone this weekend.