Monday, February 13, 2012

this is really a post about how awesome danielle is.

Last week, I saw a picture of a pink double-layered cake and said, "I want that."

Now, you should all know that Danielle is awesome. SOOOOO AWESOME.  But my friends, last week she took it up a notch by remembering my request for that double-layered cake and my love for rainbow chip frosting by buying a cake mix AND rainbow chip frosting AND breaking out her 9-inch round pans so we could make previously desired, rainbow chip frosted, double-layered cake.

I'm telling you guys, homegirl is awesome.

On Saturday, we decided to build the cake.  I made the batter and put it in the pans and then in the oven, but then Danielle did the rest. (I repeat, she is SOOOO AWESOME!!).  When it came out of the oven and had finished cooling, she did all the scraping and hard stuff to get the cakes out of the pans and then she frosted it, too!  Have I mentioned how AWESOME she is?

While she was frosting the cake, I mentioned that I really wanted to write something on the top and since it was no one's birthday, we just decided to dedicate it to our main man, Harry P.

**side note: posting the above picture on facebook stressed a lot of people out...we were repeatedly reminded of the fact that Harry Potter's birthday isn't until July (which, by the way, we totes knew.  Please, we are true fans).  But at the same time, we got some pretty good comments suggesting that we do things like put a preserving charm on it so that it'll last until Harry's actual birthday.  

Anyway, Danielle let me have the honors of writing the words on top (we cut a pretty small hole so as not to have it look like a 5-year-old did it, but because we did that, the writing of the words was pretty slow business).

All and all, it was the most successful and delightful thing that has happened to me since Danielle told Dillon she was sending him a fax (which seriously killed me).  I couldn't stop telling her how all my dreams had come true in the creation of that cake because it was just sooooo perfect!

Also, to prove how awesome it is, I even videotaped making it for all to see.

And just remember, DANIELLE IS AWESOME.

Also, bonus feature: Some quality quotes that occurred during the making of this film can be found below:

S: How’s it going, Danielle? Stressful?
D: Yeah, I feel like I’m trying to diffuse a bomb.

S: You are very good. You are very talented.
D: I’m good at eating.

S: Mmm, chocolate frosting. …oops, chocolate cardigan.

S: You are doing so good with that chocolate frosting. I can’t wait to see you on rainbow chip level.

S: Danielle builds a cake.
D: First, you must take the chicken…!

D: Hey, how’s it going, Devon, my lil croissant?  I just combined two movies right there.

S: Wow, I’m super glad I’m good at shaking the camera and stuff.
D: It’s okay. It makes it look like I’m workin’ through an earthquake or somethin’. ‘Look at that dedication.’

D (In a borderline Kip voice): My favorite technique is the swirl. It gives a nice frothy look. It gives the illusion that your cake is moving. …ready to JUMP into your belly. It’s sayin, ‘Come get me.’ It’s like a stormy sea being tossed.

M: Oh my gosh, you’re so domestic.
D: No, I just like to eat cake.

D: The top needs a little more…so it’s a little creamier…swoopy swoop, swoop swoopy swoop.

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