Thursday, February 23, 2012

gadgets and gizmos.

(lacey's best picture b.)

Want to know something cool about my apartment (besides the awesome carpet)?  Our TV.

First of all, it was either a) stolen from BYU campus (judging by the "BYU #18) on the side or b) purchased at some auction when BYU realized the tv was older than it's founder.

Second of all, it doesn't have a power button.  That's right, the power button broke.  So, to deal with this, we used to have a little metal stick (I just realized that does not sound like it is going anywhere good).  We used that little guy to stick it into where the power button used to be and then push up to press whatever mechanism (I feel smart using that word) there is to turn the tv on.  Now, this was super successful for about 6 months or so, though it would sometimes take a couple minutes to move the metal stick at just the right angle so it would hit the button just right to turn it on.  But then I guess one day we got a little too excited and somehow jammed it so the tv was always on and could not be turned off.

Which brings me to the third awesome thing about our tv, which is the process of turning it on.  Te only way to do this is to plug and unplug the tv.  To do this, you must crawl under the entertainment center, pull the back wall of it forward a bit (that sounds confusing, so see the picture below) and then squeeze your hand in there to grab the cord of the tv.  Then you must blindly feel around until you get the plug into the outlet.  Then, wait about ten seconds and you may then enjoy the pleasures of modern technology!  (To turn the tv off, you must simply pull the plug out--much easier than plugging it in).

BONUS FEATURE: We don't own any remotes--not for the tv, the dvd player, or even our archaic vhs player (no idea where that came from).  Talk about too much exercise.  Girl can't just sit on the couch to watch a movie--what the heck is up with that?

So the moral of this story is that we have an AWESOME television.  If you ever want to have a really awesome movie experience, you're probably going to want to watch it at our place.  Just give me a ring, and we'll see if we can fit you into our schedule...but be sure to call in advance, because we tend to fill up fast!

I mean, look at this!  How jealous are you right now?


Mom said...

Hey, ever heard of a power strip?? They're these really awesome things that have lots of outlets on them, and can have multiple cords plugged into them at the same time! can either pull out the TV plug when you want to turn the TV off...or, you can flip the switch. Really cool, huh? Might cost you $6 though...and certainly would ruin all your fun....

Anonymous said...

Give you a what? ring? : P

danielle said...

nice screen shot btw