Friday, February 3, 2012

Doc's Orders.

"Erin thinks she has a pretty good chance of winning this blog giveaway. Should I tell her that she actually has no chance at all?"

"Kristie would like the gold leaf necklace. Kristie is not going to get it."

"I'm slangry. Or tangry. Or maybe even sluhangry."

"I changed the name of my blog to 'Waharay'.  I really just did that."

"I will be hungry for outlandish things and I will be hungry for them at outlandish times."

All of these things came out of the Doc's mouth in the last hour.  I know you don't even understand them at all, but that doesn't make it any less funny to me.  This doesn't even include the part where she was acting like a dying dinosaur the other day, which SERIOUSLY killed me. Funniest thing since she told Dillon she was waiting for a fax.

Doc's pretty neat.

...and I'm actually this white, if not whiter.  Thanks again, Dad.

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danielle said...

checkmark bandit!!!!