Sunday, February 5, 2012

ditching church.

Every Sunday, I have church from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.  The above picture is from today at about 1:15 pm.  Now, I'm guessing that many of you are alarmed and afraid that I ditched church, but I'm here to set things straight because such a thing did not happen!

This morning things seemed to be going as they normally do: Martha, Lacey, and I all woke up and got ready for church (although Lacey had a few false alarms with when her meeting was, but fortunately, that was resolved and she will continue to go to church--phew!).  We were all ready to go a few minutes after noon, which was about the time Danielle rolled out of bed.  With just the right amount of time to spare, we headed on up to church.

We arrived after trekking up that monster hill and telling each that we looked like witches about 637 times (the honor code quiz has taught us well). We walked into Relief Society and settled in for an excellent lesson (even though Janice was going through some "dark days", i.e. we got a flier with Janice Kapp Perry on it that printed out a little too dark on the copier).  The lesson was going splendidly and we were nearing the end when suddenly with no warning the fire alarm started to go off!  

I felt like I was in elementary school again as we crawled under the tables for safety.  Okay, no.  We didn't crawl under the tables, but we did link up buddy-style and head out the doors to wait until the alarm went off.  This is the part where Danielle and I really regretted our decision not to wear coats.  I mean, really regretted that decision.  It was at this point that we took the picture shown above, immediately after which we located the place that would give us the most sunlight.  But it was still supes cold.

After waiting for about twenty minutes for the alarming to go off, the bishop finally just told us to go home and come back in an hour for sacrament meeting when the alarm would hopefully be off.  Sooooo, we walked home and just sat around for an hour because it is Fast Sunday (what a cruel, cruel joke) and then headed back up.  It turns out the boiler was leaking steam or something, so it was super muggy in there when we got back.  In fact, I was playing the piano for the meeting and the piano keys has a nice layer of condensation on them. It was weird.

So, the moral of the story is, a) I don't ditch church, and b) always wear a coat to church because you just never know when you might end up being outside for an extended period of time.

That is all.

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