Friday, January 27, 2012

tip top thrift shop---the CLUB.

So, if any of you read Danielle's blog, then you might notice that my blog has become a sort of "delayed response" version of hers. But, guess what?!  This post is not different...sorry.

For one of Danielle's classes, the professor offered extra credit for going to Fremont Indian State Park.  Danielle is all about the extra things (especially food), so we gathered up a few friends we had laying around and went there a few weekends ago.  As it turns out, Fremont Indian State Park is over two hours away, and even longer if you take the scenic route and stop for lunch in Manti and stop at the "Tip Top Thrift Shop--The Club" and stop at DI.  But, you know what?  As Doctor Danielle would say, "It's all about the journey."

It really was a lot of fun and I think I learned a little bit about what the petroglyphs that the Fremont Indians made actually mean ("but we can't know for sure since they died hundreds of years ago"--direct quote from the information movie).  We went on this mini walk/hike where Doc and Allison and I quickly realized that we had selected the wrong type of footwear (plus, Doc scratched her booooots--"How would I scratch THOSE?" "You were climbing a rock!").  On the walk, we saw many pictographs or petroglyphs and also some more recent carvings done by some classy teenagers over the years.

Such the good times.

Since we had come all that way, we obvs had to have a photo shoot, courtesy of our ever-so-talented friend Dillean.  Take a look-see...

straight up edward and bella rot thur.

(super late for my angst class)

So much leaning!

Oh, and bonus feature...a picture from when we stopped at Mom's Cafe in Salina (population 2,394--way more than I thought).  Also, if you want something to eat when you're out in the middle of nowhere, you should know that (a) you will find literally NOTHING in Aurora, Utah (Dillean was pretty bummed about that) and (b) Mom's Cafe drowns all of its food it grease.  Anyway, this is me and Cameron at Mom's.  Mom kept giving us the stink eye, but we didn't like her food, so it worked.

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Mom said...

Wow, quite the photos, I thought I was looking at a magazine! I especially like that girl in the bright orange "cardigan" whose picture tends to stand out the most. Kind of like those black and white photos, with the addition of one color. Looks like a fun day!