Saturday, December 10, 2011

super miss these cool cats.

But guess what?

Only 5 days until we are reunited! Which means only five days until I get to hear Bub's perfect laugh with the wide open mouth and his eyes closed, and only five days until I get to hear Tim Tam Tom's deeeeeeeep voice and see how much taller he is than me now, but it won't be long before he starts telling me about how our dog was smarter than me and he'll probably ask me what I got on the ACT and remind me that it's the lowest score in the family and then he'll probably dance like Danny and it will make me laugh and it's entirely possible that he'll model for me and then Bubs will show me his hip moves and then sadly tell me about how much he misses Steve Jobs and all the cool new things about the iPhone.

Only five days until Jakey will hug me and tell me how much he has missed me and Tom will pretend that he doesn't like me (but secretly he can't wait to ask me for some fashion advice).  They'll both make me laugh so much and they'll even let me be on their team for Mario Kart even though I'll consistently get 12th place (unless Jalyn or Mom is playing). It's going to be perfect.

And I'll get to see my parents!

And only a few days after that I'll get to see Danny and Lena and Matthew and Mykel!

Then the whole family will be together at last and it will be fabio!!

Guys, I'm so stoked.


Tom said...

why am i even subscribed to you

Lena said...

I'm pretty stoked to see you too! You and the whole family. It's been a whole 6 months. btw, yay for blogging up a storm again.