Monday, December 5, 2011

i'd rather be scootering on a RAZOR scooter right about now.

It's the last week of classes, which means I've never been busier.  In the past week, I've turned in four papers (2 pages, 3 pages, 12 pages, and a 14 page group project) and I have three to go (3 pages, 1 page, and 11 pages).

Fortunately, the 3-page one is halfway done and the 11-page one is halfway done, BUT STILL.  I'm super excited for it to be Thursday at 1:30 pm.  I don't even mind finals right now...I just want these papers to be over with.

In other news, look who I had fun with this weekend.  These cool cats are pretty cool, especially the ones who also spend their evenings with me in this blasted library.


You might be wondering our longitude and latitude in this picture (i.e. where on earth we were) and I will tell you that we were at Classic Skating.  Yes, the place where I chipped my wrist bone and had to wear the delightfully smelling brace for six weeks (fond memories, my friends. Super fond.)  But you may also notice that I am holding a SCOOTER! (my preferred form of transportation).  That's right, I chose to scooter at the skating rink because A) I had a scooter to use (thank you, Dan the Manielle), B) I'm a horrible roller, but seriously. HORRIBLE. C) I didn't care to injure myself again because we all know that is exactly what I would have done, and D) scooters are SUUUPER hip, yo.

I'd rather be scootering. That's for sure.

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Dana LeCheminant said...

Classic Skating is the coolest. And, might I add, you have a lot more papers to write than I do, and I'm an English major...