Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tamales Bay.

I know what you're thinking.  This post must be about Mexican food.  While that would be pretty awesome, I have to let you down because this post is not about Mexican food.  But maybe you're thinking that I accidentally forget the "b" in "baby" and an apostrophe in "Tamale's", so you actually think this is a post about my good friend Tamale and her baby.  Unfortunately, that would also be wrong.

But, if you were thinking that this post must be about canoeing in Tamales Bay, then holy cow! You nailed it!  Well done. Five golden stars for you.

Way long ago, when I was back in CA, my family went canoeing in Tamales Bay (you're like, "Girlfriend, when are you going to be done posting about your wild vacay?" to which I say, "Possibly never?  Or maybe this is the last time?  Or maybe, since when did I become your girlfriend?").

We drove out there on a delightful morning.  The weather was pretty perfect--cool, but not cold.  The boys set up the three canoes and then we were off on our journey.  It was hard, and it took time, but we conquered the one mile trip without too much trouble (besides the fact that mom's canoe kind of wanted to take a path of its own, but whate'er...).

The trip reminded me of when we went canoeing in Canada a couple of summers ago, except of course, in Canada, the canoes were filled with gear...and in Canada, I actually had to paddle.

That's right.  In Tamales Bay, I simply lived the high life, which consisted entirely of providing moral support for my canoe's paddlers, singing "Just Around the Riverbend", and wishing personal rain clouds and broken paddles for the other canoes in the hopes that it would slow them down and we would win the race to the finish line, i.e., lunch.

While we ate our lunch, it was so fun to just chat with the fam ("Is this the fam??"--name that movie) and look out on the water and remember what a beautiful place we live in.  I'm telling you folks, the big CA is where it's at.  When I'm in CA, not only do I get to see how beautiful it is, but I also get to see my baby brother perform a choreographed dance for us and I get to tease my older genius brother about wearing shorts that having pockets big enough to carry small children in them.

Guys, family is the best.  The best.  I'm totally ready for another reunion.

Mom? What mom?


Dad said...

Tomales Bay. But next time maybe we can bring some tamales

Mom said...

Ummm...and did we mention that the reason why mom's canoe went a little crazy was because someone (who's name we won't mention) who know's how to steer a canoe...wanted, as you so aptly pointed out, to "live the high life" (even though she steered a canoe for 2 weeks in Canada), and mom, who has NEVER steered a canoe (I was always the helper paddler in Canada--that's my job [besides spending dad's money]'s is to steer), by default, ended up being the one to steer???? J-stroke?....what the heck is that??

Jessica said...

hey, those canoes look familiar! that starfish/sea star is amazing! and, lastly, i'm looking forward to going to the beach in california in august with my sweatshirt on.