Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Near-Daily Ritual

My apologies for being far too excited about my sandwich to capture it in a picture.

It seems that almost every day I make myself a fruit smoothie (don't worry, Racha--I clean that blender so well it could be in a blender beauty contest) and a grilled cheese sandwich with barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's, what's up.)

I've been doing this for about three weeks...you think I'd get sick of it by now, and I'm sure said sickness will set in soon, but until then, mmm mmm.  I just can't get enough.


1 comment:

Anne said...

i was bold and dipped my grilled cheese in ranch the other day. it was way better than expected. probably a horrible habit so i'm not doing it anymore haha. the smoothies will not get old!! love them!